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\"TileTile and grout restoration cleaning St Johns MI.

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Tile Damage!

Restoration cleaning is the action to return something to its former condition. There are natural causes of damage and uncontrollable circumstances. In this particular restoration cleaning, a fire took place. The fire destroyed almost everything, but we were pretty confident we could restore the tile and grout. It\’s unfortunate when things major events occur and it\’s costing you thousands of dollars to bring back what you once had. Call (517) 484-6908 to schedule your tile and grout restoration cleaning service St Johns MI.

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A restoration cleaning involves more than just turning on a machine with little agitation. A lot of man hours, with back-breaking work is what it takes to restore. On our hands and knees, scrubbing each individual grout line, giving it everything we have. Technology is great, but traditional enhances the results.

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\"tileNot done yet!

Major improvement so far, but far from done. This article, I wanted not just to show a before and after picture. My reasoning, for showing you a picture in the middle of the cleaning is to emphasize and express the hard work that McCreary\’s Healthy Homes applies on every job! It\’s not your carpet, upholstery, air ducts, or tile and grout when you hire us, it becomes ours. So, we clean it as we would want to see it in our home.

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\"TileBlood, sweat, and tears!

This restoration cleaning was a challenge. Happen to be one of the toughest, tile and grout restoration cleaning\’s we have ever performed. Taking a look at from the beginning to the end, what are your thoughts? Honestly, we gave this everything we had and are pleased with the outcome. Remember, this tile and grout went through a fire, a fire!

McCreary\’s Healthy Homes are your local tile and grout restoration cleaning service St Johns MI. The owners do all of the cleaning! So when we think about trust, how many companies can say that the owners do all of the cleaning? Is that not enough trust? Call (517) 484-6908 for a free estimate today! We offer multiple services including: Carpet cleaning, Air duct cleaning, Upholstery cleaning, Auto cleaning, and Mattress cleaning.

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