Rug Cleaning

Why Rug Cleaning Matters


Rugs are often a disregarded home item. Sure, you bought rugs because you wanted to add some colorful detail to your white and brown floor home, but you don’t know how muchRug Cleaning Lansing Mi dirt gets trapped in a rug. Dirt and dust and lint and dog hair and all sorts of other materials get trapped within the many fabrics in a rug. There’s a lot of secret wear and tear that happens! And since it’s oftentimes hard to tell how dirty your rugs are, scheduling rug cleaning Lansing MI service isn’t usually what homeowners think about!


But let’s say you are aware of how filthy your rugs can get…do you really want to take the time to clean your rugs yourself? You are already so busy just keeping the essentials in your home clean as it is! With dishes always piling up, countertops that needs to be wiped down, laundry constantly needing to be done and floors that need to be swept and mopped, there are some deep cleaning priorities, like rug cleaning Lansing MI, that get tossed to the wayside. “Oh I’ll just do it later!”


Let’s be honest y’all, you probably won’t do it later. Furthermore, it’s quite difficult to clean up your rugs without the appropriate cleaning equipment. If you have good equipment to utilize for your rug cleaning Lansing MI, then it’s a breeze. Do you really want to spend several hundreds of dollars to buy nice cleaning equipment, to clean something you barely remember to get to?


At McCreary’s Healthy Homes, we’re the proven cleaning professionals you call when you don’t want to get into the nitty gritty with cleaning. Our services range from auto detailing to duct cleaning to carpet and rug cleaning Lansing MI. We’ve been in this area for decades now as a staple in the cities of Lansing and Haslett, Michigan. So if you haven’t given us a try, then you can enjoy your first cleaning for just $1! Schedule your first service and see why hundreds of people have rated us 5-stars on Google.


Keyword Reviews from Customers


I called on McCreary’s Healthy Homes for mainly cleaning my ducts and carpets. I appreciated how they actually explained the duct cleaning process and offered cautionary tips about keeping my rugs and flooring clean as well. They were also observant of my frightened kitty. This is my 3rd time using them in four years and I’ll keep using them!

– Kathy Fay


I had a crazy bat infestation in the living room areas of my home (I know, right). So I called them for pretty much all their services. They did a marvelous job, damaging nothing in the home, which is a challenge because I have delicate upholstery, drapes and rugs. The ducts actually smelled really good afterwards and what’s nice is they were reasonably priced. I plan to use them again for cleaning my basement. Thanks McCreary’s!

– Jackie Jason



Why McCreary’s Healthy Homes is the Best Company for Rug Cleaning Lansing MI


There’s a lot of companies you could call in the area for home cleaning. There’s even some big name franchises you could call! But why would you want to call McCreary’s Healthy Homes in particular? Furthermore, what makes any of the companies different from each other? If you’re unfamiliar with the industry, it’s hard to imagine that companies can be so different in the product offerings. Doesn’t everyone clean homes the same way? And provide similar services?


Well that’s why one of the ways we stand out is due to our importance on education with each customer. In fact, you’ll find in many of our customer responses that they point out how we took the time to educate them on how to best take care of their home. And since education is such an important part of our work, we want to focus here on educating you why our company specifically stands out. 


Hundreds of Five Star Reviews

First of all, there’s a lot of people that like us. You don’t get all this fanfare by doing a terrible job. Furthermore, we would likely be out of business if we didn’t get this consistent, great feedback from customers. The feedback from customers like how we “treated their home and pets with respect” or “fulfilled the job with quality work” or “we made sure they truly liked the work we did” really warms our hearts.


Because see, not every company gets this kind of consistent response. Sure, any company will deliver good service sometimes. They have to if they want to stay in business! The problem is, will these companies actually do quality rug cleaning Lansing MI for your job? Work with a company like ours that’s shown that with hundreds of customers just on Google, we deliver great service. 

On-Time, All the Time

Another big reason why people love us is because we’re on-time, all the time. It doesn’t get more infuriating than when a service company doesn’t show up for appointments on time. Isn’t this just annoying in general? If you invited a friend to have coffee with you, wouldn’t you get irritated if they arrived 20 minutes late without any notice? Even if they did give you notice like a few minutes before the meetup, you would still have trouble dealing with this.


We all want people to be on time, but what’s crazy is so few are consistently on time. You’ll find statistics online that show how a third of all American workers are late everyday. What…a third?? Do you realize how much lost productivity is made when companies and people tolerate this lateness? And if you’re a customer who’s trying to work with one of these companies for rug cleaning Lansing MI, I bet you’d be disappointed in the lack of timeliness you find in other companies.


With us, it’s one of our core values. We know if we show up late for rug cleaning Lansing MI, we’ve lost your trust just a little bit. That matters big time for us. 


Schedule Your Service With a Company That Carries About Maintaining Five Star Work!