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How Does McCreary’s Healthy Homes Stand Out?

Who Needs In-Depth Home Cleaning?

Your home is your most valuable possession you own. Literally, for a large majority of people, their house is where most (if not all) of their net worth is! And since you live in your home every single day and likely have kids and pets who live in your home, there’s LOTS of germs and dirt and messes that get made. Especially since the Pandemic hit in 2020, homeowners have noticed more and more dirty details about their home, like how important air duct cleaning Lansing MI is! Remodeling projects have been booming and people have been moving everywhere due to wanting the most ideal place to live possible.

Wherever you live though, you must have a clean home. At McCreary’s Healthy Homes, we greatly understand how dirty your home can get. If you take a look at some of our before and after photos on our website, you’ll notice the reality of most people’s homes. By living a healthier life for your kids and yourselves, you’ve got to have a clean space. That’s why you should give us a call today and see why so many have loved working with our company!

McCreary's Healthy Homes

We’ve got plenty of clients who have thoroughly enjoyed working with us.

With over 50 years cleaning homes, we inform our clients on how to live in healthy homes.

When you schedule an appointment, you’ll know that we’ll definitely show up on-time.

We want to sweep the floor with our kindness and clearly illustrate that we WANT to help you.

Typical Home Cleaning Companies

If you Google them, you’ll find most companies have very few fans.

They’re coming to simply clean, not provide education or experience.
When you schedule an apWith the “anything can happen” attitude, you’ll find others to be lacking in timeliness.pointment, you’ll know that we’ll definitely show up on-time.
It’s always about going to the next call and you seem to miss the personal attention you crave.
Our Services

What Services We Offer

Here is a list of the services that we offer:

Air Duct Cleaning

This is where the circulation of all your heating and air conditioning comes through. The air can get quite filthy in your home. In fact, your home’s air quality is the 5th leading cause of airborne diseases in the home! It could be the reason why your seasonal allergies are so severe!

Upholstery Cleaning

Your backside loves the chairs and couches you have in your home. It doesn’t love it though when you’re sitting on furniture that’s a mess! You can also find great before and after photos of upholstery we’ve been able to deep clean for you. Instead of purchasing hefty cleaning equipment and supplies, just call our company and we’ll make your sitting life a whole lot cleaner and nicer.


Carpet Cleaning

The before and after pictures for carpet cleaning is truly shocking here. You’ll find plenty of client testimonials on Google that illustrate how crazy the difference is. By getting a professional cleaning machine to come in and provide great enhancements to your carpets, you’ll think you just bought new carpet for the home. It’s amazing!

Tile And Grout Cleaning

This is where really some of the dirtiest messes are kept. In the cracks and crevices of your tile, you’ll find residue from many trips to the bathroom and…well, we won’t gross you out. Just take from us, your tile and grout could really use some hefty cleaning and we’re the professionals to take care of it for you.


Dryer Vent Cleaning

Your dryer is where all of your precious clothing gets aggressively thrown into and tossed around like a five year old tosses around his favorite stuffed animal. But while the dryer is helping to clean your clothes for reuse, where does all that filth go? It goes through the dryer vent and yes, these need to be cleaned by a professional as well. Give a call to McCreary’s Healthy Homes and we’ll come make sure every little detail, like your dryer vent, is taken care of!

Auto Detailing

Last, but not least, a healthy home also includes a healthy vehicle! You spend all this time driving back and forth to work and taking road trips and taking kids to sports games…you need to get your vehicle detailed! What a difference it makes to have a clean vehicle and it can be all thanks to McCreary’s Healthy Homes.

Customer Service

Not Just Cleaners, But Advisors

Have you ever hired a contractor and noticed that they just zipped in and out of your place? There wasn’t any care to educate you about the problems or advise you regarding your home. Most service contractors are just looking to go to the next job. With McCreary’s Healthy Homes, our air duct cleaning Lansing MI services and others listed below all include full home inspections and your thorough education, so you know how to KEEP your home clean!
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Clients Feedback

Our Clients' Reviews

See Why People Love Working With McCreary’s Healthy Homes

The professionalism and excellence of the staff are beyond measure. With short notice they were able to squeeze me in to get the carpets in my new home cleaned when the movers tracked dirt and mud EVERYWHERE when moving out. The attention to detail and customer service will keep me coming back for more.

Josh McKee

Bill and Dan did a very nice job. They showed up on time and were very courteous. My carpet and rugs looks like new again! Thank you McCreary - your company is the best!

Sandy Grettenberger

My wife and I are professional painters and McCreary’s serviced a home we were painting recently. We were impressed enough with how the home’s air quality improved that we wanted our home done as well. Immediate results. Would recommend!

Chris Dowding

I have used McCreary for many years. Kevin always does a great job and is why I keep going back to them. I highly recommend McCreary.

Ginger Fernandez

For the deep clean that your home needs, reach out today!