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Isn’t it always about the little details? “When you hire a company for tile and grout cleaning in Lansing, MI, look at the fine print. As it’s said in Luke 16, “Whoever can be trusted with small things can also be trusted with big things.” You’ll find time and time again, that the little details predict how the whole operation will go.


In the cleaning industry, the little details are always very important. That’s because when you hire a grout cleaning Lansing MI company, you’re looking for someone who looks for the fine print. You spend your waking hours worrying about the fine details with everything else. For your work, you think about the little nuances so you can close new deals for your company. For raising your kids, you pay attention to little comments that can be used as teachable moments. For maintaining a healthy diet, you look at the amount of calories and carbs and sugars and fats in products, so you can stay on target! For the deep cleaning needs of your home, do you really have time to handle that yourself? Or the equipment to properly do it?


That’s why at McCreary’s Healthy Homes, we look to provide you with the world-class cleaning tools and resources for everything with your home! So if messes happen or spots need to be cleaned or it’s been a year since your home had a deep clean, then give us a call today and schedule you for a great appointment! No matter your needs, we can give you the best professional tile and grout cleaning services in Lansing.


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Keyword Reviews from Customers


Our tile floors and ducts needed to be cleaned, so we called McCreary’s. Their crew was very courteous and polite. They really did a great job and I would highly recommend them.

– Kerry Przybylo


Oh we’ve called this company several times in the past to clean our carpet floors and tile floors. We think they’re amazing! Very professional and affordable and always gives great advice. Do yourself and your household a favor and call them to clean your place!

– Lori Martin


What Makes McCreary’s A Great Grout And Tile Cleaning Company Again?


There’s a lot of companies you could choose for home and office cleaning services. There’s competitors down the street from us who are absolutely desperate for work. They are just starting to get into the cleaning game, and they look to do work for barely any profits at all. This happens all the time in business! Many times, customers will choose to go with the super low priced option just because it’s the cheapest available.


But you may want to weigh your options. Because Lori said in her review that our prices actually were affordable. Furthermore, hundreds upon hundreds of people have given us 5-star reviews online about our work. So the better question for you is, who’s going to provide the best bang for your buck? Sure, you can always go with the desperate first-timer, but wouldn’t you rather go with a company that you know is going to provide quality work all the time? Backed by decades of experience and satisfaction guarantees?


Here’s what’s even cooler…if you really are unsure and nervous because you had a disaster happen with another company, give us a try for just $1. That’s right. Even though we’ve got tons of reviews and plenty of business to go around, we’re on the mission to dominate and provide to the entire city of Lansing that our company is the best around. So if you are the nervous type of person and need help making an easy decision, then give us a call and we’ll give you your first room for just $1! In case you’re curious though, here are a few more reasons why we stand out versus the competition:


On-Time, All the Time

We know how frustrating it is for you to call a plumber or an electrician for a scheduled time, and they don’t show up. Even worse, they give you a “four-hour window” for when they might show up. How is that helpful?? Everyone has things to do and most people can’t sit around waiting at the house for hours until the plumber finally decides to show up.


It works the same way with grout cleaning Lansing MI. Your tiles need cleaning and your grout does too. Whenever you call us for a scheduled appointment, we set a specific time for it and we keep that time. We know that when someone shows up late, it diminishes our trust in them. It makes us wonder whether or not we can really rely on them to do a great job for our homes or commercial spaces. By working with McCreary’s Healthy Homes, you’ll know you signed up with a team that cares about being scheduled.


We’re Your Cleaning Advisors

As you’ll find with many of our reviews about grout cleaning Lansing MI or all our other cleaning services, we really serve as advisors to homeowners. We obviously know the reasons why air ducts or carpets or tile gets dirty. So why not spend a little time with each customer to inform them about what happens and how they can simply maintain their home a little better? The owners of the company have always talked about how important it is to maintain one of the biggest investments you make in your life…your home! 


That’s why we train our guys to dedicate time with customers to build relationships, provide them feedback and give them very practical steps to keep their home nice and…well, homey! That’s why in some many reviews online, talking about our grout cleaning Lansing MI, you’ll see people remarking about how we give such good advice. It sets us about the rest! Time for you to work with a company that truly cares about your home needs and give us a call today.