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Looking to protect your second greatest investment next to your home with a car detailing Lansing MI? Trust the professional cleaning experts at McCreary’s Healthy Cars to do just that. Because if we do such a great job with your home, why couldn’t we excel with your car? We offer many packages to fit your busy lifestyle or your budget. Going to the lake cottage for the weekend and the car looks and smells like a landfill? Have no fear! We are here. Running errands? On a lunch break? Simply want a fresh ride on the fly? Our express car detailing Lansing MI is complete in 30 minutes. Ask about V.I.P. service with all complete detail packages. What are you waiting for? Give us a call or text us (because after all, we plan on being friends forever). Your car will love you for a long time!


See Why Our Fans Love Our Auto Detailing in Lansing


Auto Detailing Lansing MI James Reynolds

James Reynolds

“I was very impressed with my first time using McCreary’s for auto detailing work. I look forward to using them on a regular basis!”


Auto Detailing Lansing MI Christina Merino

Christina Merino

“Wow! Just wow!! I made an appointment with them online and five minutes later, I had a text message from a real human confirming the time and prices. They picked up my car and three hours later, it looks BRAND NEW! Loved the service and I’ll definitely use them again.”



Auto Detailing Lansing Mi




What Stands Out About Working With McCreary’s Healthy Cars?


Hundreds of Customers Love Us

Customers all over the Lansing area have really enjoyed our entire company’s service. You see the couple reviews above, but you should also read the hundreds of reviews you can find online about our company! We’ve made great connections with customers and businesses and we’d love for you to see why some many people enjoy working with us. 

Click HERE to read the hundreds of reviews from real people in Lansing!

We’re More Than Just a Cleaning Company

When you work with us, we aren’t just a regular old cleaning company. We talk about our staff as “advisors” to our clients. That means we actually talk with the homeowners and car owners about how they can maintain their property with great cleanliness and care. We believe that your most valuable assets you own (your car and home) shouldn’t be treated like the most valuable products you own! We’re thrilled to instruct you on how to maintain and keep your car squeaky clean.

On-Time, All the Time

Plain and simple, when we say we’ll show up somewhere, we mean it. We find it offensive to arrive at someone’s home late or not even show up…yet this happens all the time in contracting and service businesses. Just know by working with McCreary’s Healthy Cars, you’re getting an experience like none other in the Lansing area.


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Express Auto Detailing in Lansing, MI


Do you and your car want to feel like a million bucks without paying a million? Are you in the fast lane and speeding right past care care and protection? Slow down for a minute, ok well…30 minutes. Your whip will thank you.


The express detail includes the following:


  • We clean, sanitize and deodorize all surfaces
  • Vacuum mats, seats and carpet
  • Wipe down interior dash and panels
  • Clean interior glass
  • Exterior hand wash and towel dry

30 Minutes for Great Car Detailing Lansing MI




Got Milk? Did you bring the beach home  with you? Does it smell more like a landfill than a champion’s chariot? Here is your lifesaver. You will be a hero to the wife, we promise. This package includes everything interior and as a bonus, you receive an exterior hand wash.


The interior detail includes the following:


  • We clean, sanitize and deodorize all surfaces
  • Air wash dust from all hidden crevices
  • Pre vacuum seats, mats and floors
  • Hot water extraction of seats and carpets 
  • Leather or Vinyl clean and condition
  • Clean and dress all interior plastic or leather surfaces
  • Clean and shine all glass

(Approx. time: 2-4 hours) *Preferably all day to dry properly.      



Your ride looking hazy? Is it calling you lazy? Does it have more swirls than grandma’s cinnamon rolls? Or more scratches than a DJ? We’ve got you! Let us restore that new car feel and shine. The exterior detail restores the clearcoat, bringing back the color, clarity and shine you desire. We carefully hand bathe your chariot then clay bar the clearcoat to exfoliate the surface and rid of contaminants that have your ride looking dingy. Ask about our Ceramic Coating for a Next Level Bling.


The exterior detail includes the following:

  • Hand wash body and wheels
  • Polymer sealant applied to clearcoat
  • Dress Wheels

     ** Engine not included. See additional services.

(Approx. time: 2 hours) *Does not include Paint Restoration




In need of a makeover? Let us take over. We know that a great looking ride leaves us feeling great inside. Look good, feel good, work good (and play!). Want your mojo back? That dirty car you spend a lot of time in… is draining you. Have no fear, we are here to bring back that fresh and clean feeling. Let us wow you by pampering your ride in our auto spa. What are you waiting for?


The Complete Maintenance Detail Includes the following:

    • Interior Detail package
    • Exterior Wheel, Wash and Wax package
  • Engine included by liability waiver

      ** Does not remove scratches, swirls or hazing. Please see Complete  Restoration Detail

(Approx. Time: 4-6 hours)*Preferably all day to dry properly.




Giving up on your pride and joy? Never Give Up! There’s always hope when you have a little soap (clay bar). That diamond of a ride looking a little rough inside? Is your blinging paint looking a little faint? Let us restore your roar! You will be singing a new song when we put our master’s touch to your toy. A hand massage, clay bar treatment removes light scratches, swirls and hazing from your paint’s clear coat. Bringing back the new car color and shine. Don’t live life with regrets. You will thank us later.


The Complete Restoration Detail Includes the following:

  • Interior Detail Package
  • Exterior Wheel, Wash and Wax Package
  • Clay bar treatment
  • Engine included by liability waiver

      ( Approx. Time 6-8 hours)* Preferably all day to dry properly.


Have you been working a little hard….forever? Have a late night “accident”? Simply caught up in that whirlwind called life? Then….

We Offer Additional Restoration Services

  • Ceramic Coatings
  • Headlight Haze Removal
  • Late night “leftovers”
  • Heavy stains or Pet hair
  • Tar, paint and adhesives
  •  Smoke and Mildew Odor Remediation (Ozone treatment)
  • Heavy use work vehicles
  • Engine Cleaning ( Involves the use of water and chemicals to remove the grease and grime, While the utmost care is taken to ensure no mechanical or electrical issues arise from the treatment, it will be performed at owner’s discretion. By approving this process, you release McCrearys Healthy Homesand Cars from all liability.

**Pricing Subject to Change Based on Size and/or Soil Conditions

   Which are Discussed in Pre-Detail Inspection.