Hardwood Floor Cleaning

Hardwood Floor Cleaning in Lansing, MI.


Has it been a while since you’ve had any hardwood floor cleaning Lansing MI? For most people, this task is an afterthought. You’ve got plenty to think about with your kids, your work and just keeping up with the drama that your sister is dealing with! That doesn’t negate the fact that your hardwood flooring needs great care and attention in order to last for decades upon decades. That’s why McCreary’s Healthy Homes is a fantastic option for you. 

 We’re trusted by hundreds upon hundreds of happy customers in Lansing to provide home cleaning services. If you need your carpets or air ducts or tile cleaned, we’re a great company to get it done! But if you need your hardwood flooring cleaned (and everyone does), then give us a call today at (517) 484-6908!


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Why Would You Want Your Wood Floor Cleaned?

What’s the big deal with getting a company like ours to do hardwood floor cleaning in Lansing, MI? Your floors are probably clean enough, right? Well we’d disagree and your guests might disagree as well. There’s a significant difference between a polished hardwood floor and a hardwood floor that hasn’t had a deep clean in years. At McCreary’s Healthy Homes, we’re able to take care of this for you. Here’s some of the things we’ll help solve with your hardwood flooring:

Soil & Bacteria

Soil and bacteria can get in all sorts of places. Overtime, it builds up and your flooring ends up being a lot more nasty than you may realize. This is the same case for carpets and grout and tile. By using our high quality hardwood polishing tools, we can attack the deep, dirty bacteria in your flooring so you know you have a sanitary environment everywhere! Especially after COVID, it’s super important to have an environment as sanitary as possible.


These cats and dogs are cute and cuddly, but they are likely leaving tons of germs and bacteria all around your flooring. You don’t know where this is coming from, but when pets are part of a house, cleanliness becomes a much larger priority. Get set up on an appointment with us to deep clean your hardwood flooring! After we’re done, we’ll talk about yearly or bi-annual maintenance of your flooring too.


Children aren’t typically as hairy and fluffy as your dog, but kids are one of the top sources of bacteria and soil residue in your house. They’re playing outside and aren’t the most clean humans in the world. To keep yourself from having a house that falls apart and comes to disarray because of your children, let the professionals at McCreary’s Healthy Homes keep your house sanitary.

Home Parties (Homes With Large Foot Traffic)

If you are the kind of person who likes to throw parties at your house, you’ll need to take special care to keep your home nice and clean. You want to make sure your guests are coming to a comfortable environment, right? Don’t you want your hardwood flooring to shine and sparkle? With our polishing tools, we can literally do that! So if you are planning on throwing parties or inviting Big Foot over to your house, then get us to come over!


Eliminate Knicks and Scraps | Get Your Floor to Shine!

Have you been in your home for years and years and you have little scraps here and there from wear and tear? Well our hardwood floor cleaning professionals in Lansing, MI, can get this solved for you. A damaged floor only hurts the quality of the entire home itself. When knicks start to build up on your flooring, it creates opportunities for complete floor damage to occur which gets really expensive. 

For these reasons and more, it’s a smart choice to get our team out to your place to sparkle your floor today!

Why is McCreary’s Healthy Homes Your Best Choice?

You could call plenty of other hardwood floor cleaning companies in Lansing, MI, but why would you choose to work with us? It’s an important question that needs to be addressed!

First of all, we have a ton of great reviews. If you simply click here, you’ll find hundreds upon hundreds of 5-star reviews from REAL customers in Lansing. You’ll find people young and old to love to work with our company and here’s just a couple reasons.

Not Just Cleaners, But Advisors

We have 50 years of experience in making your home your most valuable asset. Our work can enhance your home’s overall quality and appearance by thousands upon thousands of dollars. Having a healthy home helps you have a more quality life!

We’re Serious About Customer Service

We didn’t get to be one of the most highly rated and reviewed companies in Lansing by being lazy with our service. The best companies in the world have the best customer experiences, where customers refer to our work to others and those customers use us over and over again. It makes all the difference in the world!

If these details make you say, YES, to McCreary’s, then just give us a call today and we’ll happily make you happy.