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Professional Carpet Cleaning

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*There's no guarantee we can eliminate stains or odor, but we can improve them. Although, we've had great success eliminating stains and odors through our workmanship.

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“OMG we can’t even believe how great our carpets look and smell! Super nice professional staff! IMPRESSIVE!”

Dana Strickland- Professional carpet cleaning in Haslett, MI

“Hands down the BEST carpet cleaning ever. My carpets were in super bad shape, I could not believe how clean and beautiful they are after having them done. This is my second time using McCreary’s and I will never have anyone else clean my carpets. Great job.”

Susan Pelkey- Professional carpet cleaning in Williamston, MI

“My carpet was cleaned for the 1st time today. I have to say I’m rather impressed they look new!!! Very professional & friendly. I’d recommend the service and use again and again. Thank you guys!!!”

Mari Wyman- Professional Carpet Cleaning in Eaton Rapids, MI

“I highly recommend McCreary! Aaron was awesome to work with and went above and beyond from my first contact to the last. Kevin – who did the carpet cleaning – took the time to talk through some of the issues we’ve been having and clearly explained what he was going to do. Never at any point in this whole process did I feel like I was a bothering them. They genuinely made me feel like my business was the most important thing to them. I will certainly be contacting them again in the future!”

Jeff Lenkowski- Professional carpet cleaning in Williamston, MI

“This was my second time using them and I would recommend them without hesitation! They are professional and thorough in every aspect and the carpets came out looking like new.”

Jodi Hancock- Professional carpet cleaning in Holt, MI

“McCreary’s Healthy Homes carpet cleaning is highly recommended. Very thorough and professional. I will definitely use them again!”

Arlene Rawlinson- Professional Carpet Cleaning in Okemos, MI

“They did an awesome job! The gentlemen who cleaned my carpet were very courteous and professional in completing the work and answering my questions with regards to what I could do to further maintain the look and integrity of my carpet.”

Bob Bierwagen- Professional carpet cleaning in Lansing, MI

“On time, friendly and efficient! They brought our carpets back to life and we will definitely be calling them again when it’s time for another cleaning. Great pricing, too!”

Natalie Feighner- Professional carpet cleaning in Haslett, MI

“Just had our entire home carpets cleaned. They were heavily used and McCreary cleaning service made them look brand new. Miracle product and service. We are so very happy. Thank you!”

Jeanette Yukinas- Professional carpet cleaning in Okemos, MI

“Great job! Our carpets were dull, dingy, full of dog hair and needed some life put back into them. They were able to do that in just a few hours. I am happy we hired McCreary’s!”

Jenna Kovacs- Professional Carpet Cleaning in DeWitt, MI

Our family room carpet cleaned and you truly did a fantastic job. Your staff was very polite and efficient. I would highly recommend you for any carpet cleaning needs.

Robert Hedlund- Professional Carpet Cleaning in Grand Ledge, MI

Accidents Happen!

However, studies have shown only 50-75% of spills comes out when trying to remove it ourselves. More importantly, the longer a spill sits, there’s a higher probability it could become a permanent stain.

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Why do we need to wash our clothes?

According to Chromium Zone, “We need to wash our clothes because we sweat/excrete stuff from our body, as well as picking up dirt and contaminants from our environment. Not washing clothes, would be a risk of harboring bacteria and increasing the likelihood of infections/disease. Plus, it means our clothes look and smell nice and last longer.”- Tom Crick

In contrast, “We need to wash our clothes,” is the same reason to have our carpet Professionally cleaned.

▪ To start with, virus(s) and bacteria can live in carpet for more than a 30 days.

▪ Secondly, carpet can be 4,000 times dirtier than a public bathroom.

▪ Finally, cat and dog urine contains ammonia.

In conclusion, call (517) 484-6908 to schedule your Professional carpet cleaning in Haslett, Okemos, East Lansing, Williamston, DeWitt, St. Johns, Laingsburg, Perry, Mason, Holt, Eaton Rapids, Dimondale, Lansing, or Grand Ledge MI.

Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning Method

In fact, hot water extraction carpet cleaning method can reach temperatures up to 220 degrees. Also, rinses and extracts dirt simultaneously. In all honesty, most carpet manufacturers require hot water extraction carpet cleaning method to uphold warranty’s.

To put it another way, don’t waste valuable time and hard earned money renting or buying carpet cleaning machines. Consequently, a Store bought carpet cleaning machine will not properly rinse, extract cleaning solutions or reach a temperature hot enough to eliminate oils and bacteria.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Process

First, safe cleaning agents are sprayed onto the carpet to break up the dirt, bacteria, and stains.

Secondly, carpet is agitated by raking the area.

Thirdly, cleaning the carpet with a wand or Rotary Extraction (Hoss 700) for a deep clean.

Fourth, creating dry paths by extracting more than 80% of the water. As a result, allowing carpet faster drying times to prevent mold or mildew.

Lastly, a final groom is given.

*Fabric protection and sanitize/Deodorizer are additional cost.

Traditional Carpet Cleaning Wand

Professional Carpet cleaning

Notably, not all carpet cleaning wands are the same. As a matter of fact, wands vary in length, weight and design. In the picture above, the carpet cleaning wand is roughly 13.5 inches in length, with a 3 jet dual manifold, and built on guard to protect valuables.

Furthermore, natural fibers require specialty products and cleaning. For this reason, a carpet cleaning wand has a more of gentle approach. That being the case, the wand gives you more control to minimize the use of water, temperature of water and extracting water. Otherwise, the natural fiber dyes can be damaged.

Hoss 700 Rotary Extraction

Professional carpet cleaning

Particularly, the purpose of a Rotary extraction machine is cleaning really dirty carpet. In addition, the Hoss 700 delivers 700 passes per minute. As a result, leaving carpets cleaner and drier in record timing.

In fact, 4 advantages to using the Hoss:

  • For instance, unique solution injector that places safe cleaning agents deep into the carpet with little heat loss.

  • Including, bi-level extractor simultaneously agitating the top and base of the carpet.

  • Notably, maintains a tight vacuum seal extracting all of the dirty solution, leaving little moisture behind.

  • Not to mention, a high power extraction head that allows the maximum air flow, drying carpets faster.

  • As a final point, the Hoss will clean all types of carpet from residential carpet, to glued down commercial carpet. The Hoss has a 15 inch cleaning path, it will clean small or large jobs. According to Jon Don, “The Hoss 700 does the work of an army of techs.”

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Natural vs Synthetic Fibers

For a start, natural fibers are environmentally friendly because they are made from natural resources. In addition, synthetic fibers release volatile organic compounds (VOCs) which are gasses emitted from the fibers. Unlike synthetic fiber, natural fibers will not release VOCs, unless, theirs a synthetic backing.

In particular, synthetic materials are man made. Likewise, because of the cost, synthetic carpet is found in the majority of homes. Generally, synthetic fibers are more stain resistant than natural fibers. Also, synthetic fibers are easier to maintain.

On the other hand, natural fibers are grown in nature, from natural resources. Indeed, a small percentage of homes have natural fiber carpet because it’s so expensive to purchase and maintain. However, natural fibers are Eco-Friendly because they’re made from natural resources.

Either way, each fiber has their strength and weaknesses. These differences, determine the approach taken to clean. In addition, some fibers have low resiliency and others have a tendency to absorb oily soils. By the same token, all fabrics take an immense amount of foot traffic, accidental spills, and other abuse.

Choose the RIGHT Carpet!

In the end, if any spots come back in the AREA’S WE CLEANED, call back and we will comeback FREE of charge.

On the other hand, great success eliminating stains and spots, but nothing is ever promised. A cleaning expert will evaluate all areas and will give an honest opinion of what you can expect!

In any case, red and orange stains will NOT come out just by carpet cleaning. There’s a process/method, but it will be at an additional cost.

Lastly, call (517) 484-6908 to schedule your Professional carpet cleaning in Haslett, Okemos, East Lansing, Williamston, DeWitt, St. Johns, Laingsburg, Perry, Mason, Holt, Eaton Rapids, Dimondale, Lansing, or Grand Ledge MI.