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Mid Michigan and the greater Lansing area have trusted McCreary’s for over 50 years for  quality and complete Air Duct Cleaning to keep your home and family healthy

Our Air Duct Cleaning Process is Second to None

At McCreary’s, we exceed the industry standard cleaning procedures created by the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA). This is the body that governs and sets standards in the duct cleaning industry. We have helped home throughout the Mid Michigan and the Lansing area breath easier, and safer with cleaner, healthier air ducts.

Our cleaning method employs the push/pull method using positive and negative air flow, often referred to as air washing. The most important component is the “pull” or “negative” airflow (suction) created by our industry-leading 2020 Hyper-vac, truck-mounted duct cleaning machine. This vacuum is hooked up directly to the furnace with a very large hose. This hose is so large that we could vacuum a soccer ball the length of a soccer field through it! It provides 20,000 cubic feet per minute (cfm) of air flow. To put that into perspective, that is 20 times greater airflow than that created by a home vacuum cleaner, 15 times more than a shop vac, 10 times more than truck mounted carpet cleaning equipment, and 5 times more than a portable duct cleaning unit. The second most important component is the “push” or “positive” airflow created by our commercial grade gasoline-powered air compressor. Our compressor provides a continuous 99 cfm of air flow combined with 175 pounds per square inches of air pressure (force), never lagging or having to recover.

The cleaning process for air duct cleaning begins at the furthest point from the furnace, cleaning all supply and return ductwork, trunk lines, and the interior components to the furnace. We send air driven agitation attachments such as brushes, whips, and air nozzles that force the dust, debris and other allergens through the duct work, towards the furnace, and back to our vacuum truck. This also eliminates the possibility of stale exhaust air and other contaminants being recirculated back into your home. In fact, this process creates more static pressure and air flow than any other electric portable duct cleaning machine can possibly produce, making it superior to carpet cleaning trucks or rotary brush vacuum systems. These processes are actually doing the homeowner a disservice by disturbing the contaminants in the system and not fully removing them. Our large, external vacuum system is the key component to doing a superior cleaning job, especially in larger or older homes. Lastly, McCreary’s offers a botanical antimicrobial solution that can be applied to the entire system after it has been cleaned. We have over 50 years of experience in this industry, over 150 years of combined experience, and we guarantee what we do.

Improve the Quality of Your Indoor Air Quality with Air Duct Cleaning

Our company uses the most advanced H.E.P.A. (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filtered air duct cleaning system available. It is designed and manufactured by Hypervac, one of the leading manufacturers of truck mounted HEPA filtered vacuum systems in North America. All of our equipment is manufactured to meet or exceed OSHA, EPA and NADCA standards for cleaning the air of nuisance dusts and debris from your home HVAC system. Our Mid Michigan weather means that most homes have a Furnace and and Air Conditioning system, and our process helps makes sure the air from both i as clean as possible.

The simple term for the process we perform is called air washing. It requires both a powerful HEPA vacuum to provide negative suction and a powerful air compressor for positive pushing of dust and debris towards the negative air. Negative air suction and positive compressed air flow working together is called push/pull. It creates a tsunami windstorm in your sealed hvac system and removes it from your home. How do we do this?

A professional technician will connect a  8’ hose from the truckmounted vacuum system  to the cold air return trunk line near the furnace. Your home’s cold air system is what removes contaminants from the air. Most of which remains in your walls, pans and trunk line. Never making it to the filter. Furnaces are not powerful enough to move the dust and debris to the furnace. We then air wash every cold return vent cover and opening. We send air rods with compressed tools and whips down the interior of your stud walls where the dust is living. This forces all dust and debris towards the vacuum suction and opening in the trunk line. We sanitize all cold vent openings and covers before replacing them. Upon completion of cleaning the cold air side of your system, we put plugs and plates over access holes where vacuum was attached and air rods inserted to perform the cleaning.

We remove the vacuum hose from the cold air trunk and attach it to the opening on the heat supply trunk line. Again this creates negative suction to perform a proper cleaning. We air wash every heat supply opening and vent cover in living spaces. We replace the removed vent cover and hand sanitize. Once all heat supply runs are forced into the heat supply trunk line, we return to the basement to complete the process. We push all dust and debris from the heat trunk line into the vacuum. Your HVAC system has now been professionally cleaned. Well “What about the furnace” you ask. Most or all air duct cleaning companies do NOT clean the furnace upon completion. Dust, debris and even dead rodents find their way here regardless of how powerful they claim their vacuum to be. It is ludicrous for anyone to say that nothing falls through the cracks. We DO clean your furnace as the cherry on top! We remove dust, drywall debris and dead mice from many furnaces.

Before Air Duct Services

After Duct Cleaning

A Healthy Home Improvement

We live in a world where healthy living has become a way of life and not just a New Year’s resolution. More families are focusing on what they are breathing and how that affects their total body health and life longevity.

The most overlooked issue we face is breathing poor quality air in our homes. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) states that indoor air is 70 times more polluted than outdoor air. Now consider that most people spend 60-90% of their time indoors between work and home. Them are frightening and alarming statistics. Chew on these scary facts….

1 out of every 6 people who suffer from allergies do so as a direct result of the fungi and bacteria living in their air duct systems. Yes there are living organisms hiding in your home’s HVAC system.

Children are more likely than adults to be affected by polluted indoor air.

Get to the source of your indoor air quality problem…YOUR AIR DUCTS!

Do You Have an Indoor Air Pollution Problem?

If you answer YES to any of the following questions, your home is in need fresh air!

  • Do you have pets?
  • Did you or someone previously smoke in the home?
  • Does anyone in your home suffer from allergies, asthma or other respiratory problems?
  • Do you regularly clean excessive dust from your counters and furniture?
  • Do you experience headaches, nausea or burning sensations in nose, throat or eyes when inside the home?
  • Do you have a fiberglass filter and/or excessive coughing?
  • Do you have dust bunnies coming out of your cold air vent covers?
  • When you last changed your furnace filter, did you notice the dust and debris gathered behind the filter? Your filters does NOT catch all dust particles. Many make it through to the blower and get recirculated through your home. 

Dirt, dust, mold, pollen and animal dander are recirculated through your air duct system EVERY time you turn on your heat or air conditioner. Combined with moisture from natural humidity, your home’s HVAC system becomes the ideal breeding ground for fungi, germs and household mold. Studies have shown that some diseases including salmonella, strep throat and legionnaires disease are spread by contaminated air duct systems.

Who Do We Call to Solve Our Indoor Air Pollution Problem?

In Lansing, Who ya gonna call? Dustbusters! Call McCreary’s Healthy Homes. We bust the dust. And haul it away in the dusty (paddy) wagon. Off to Busted Dust Jail forever. How do you know you can trust us to bust the dust? You can trust you are getting a highly experienced professional technician that cares about your home and your family’s health. You see, we have homes and families too. You can also trust that we will arrive at your home with the latest and greatest tools and technology to perform work at the highest level. You can trust that we will take your dirt and not your shirt. The age old saying of “You get what ya pay for” will NEVER die. If you are cutting bucks, be sure the low dollar bidder will be cutting corners in your home. Or bait and switch you by changing the price considerably on site. We are hassle free. Our clients say we are the trifecta of great business…

Experience it for yourself. What are you waiting for?

Professional HVAC Repair Services in Dewitt, MI

At McCreary’s Healthy Homes, we understand the importance of having a reliable HVAC system in Dewitt, MI. From harsh winters to scorching summers, you need to make sure your heating and cooling system is working properly to provide comfort to your family. That’s why our team of expert technicians offers prompt and reliable repair services to fix issues like a cold air return leak or a disconnected heat supply tube. Don’t let your kids suffer in a cold bedroom, contact us today for a hassle-free repair solution. Our team will diagnose the problem, provide a fair quote, and get your HVAC system ducts up and running in no time. Call us now for a comfortable home in Dewitt.

Recent Reviews

What Stands Out About Working With McCreary's Healthy Homes?

Customers all over the Lansing area have really enjoyed our entire company’s service. You see the couple reviews above, but you should also read the hundreds of reviews you can find online about our company! We’ve made great connections with customers and businesses and we’d love for you to see why some many people enjoy working with us. 

When you work with us, we aren’t just a regular old cleaning company. We talk about our staff as “advisors” to our clients. That means we actually talk with the homeowners and car owners about how they can maintain their property with great cleanliness and care. We believe that your most valuable assets you own (your car and home) shouldn’t be treated like the most valuable products you own! We’re thrilled to instruct you on how to maintain and keep your car squeaky clean.


Plain and simple, when we say we’ll show up somewhere, we mean it. We find it offensive to arrive at someone’s home late or not even show up…yet this happens all the time in contracting and service businesses. Just know by working with McCreary’s Healthy Homes, you’re getting an experience like none other.


Are you looking for cheap Air Duct Cleaning?

No matter the product or service you sell, the number one question is ‘how much”. Followed by the questions “Why” ‘What value am I getting” and “What separates you?”

The answer is simple. We Care. For our people. We invest in them to grow and reach their full potential. Making better humans to lead families, teams and communities. We train and educate our people to the highest standards. We Care. For our equipment and tools. Grandma always showed and told me, respect what you earn. We invest in the best of everything to produce the supreme results you desire. We spare No expense in our safe cleaning agents, ensuring they are safe for the environment. But more importantly for you, your health, your children and furry friends.

If these details make you say, YES, to McCreary’s, then just give us a call today and we’ll happily make you happy

Breathe easier in Lansing with Mccreary’s Healthy Homes’ air duct cleaning. Eliminate contaminants, improve indoor air quality, and boost your HVAC efficiency. Choose Lansing’s trusted experts for a healthier home. Contact us and feel the difference immediately.