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Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Lansing, MI

When you consider how many people walk across the commercial carpeting in your office every day, it’s no wonder it needs frequent cleaning. Professional commercial carpet cleaning ensures that the carpet fibers are thoroughly cleaned using state-of-the-art carpet cleaner and machines. This will extend the life of your carpet so that it won’t need to be replaced as often. Professional cleaning methods also reduce allergens in the office and improve air quality. If you think it’s time your office building hires a commercial carpet cleaning service in Lansing, MI, contact us at McCreary’s Healthy Homes today for a free quote at (517) 484-6908.

How to Tell if You Need Commercial Carpet Cleaning

The easiest ways to tell you need to hire a commercial carpet cleaning service is if your carpets appear visibly dirty, or if it has been more than two years since the last time the carpet was cleaned (or if you can’t remember when you last hired a carpet cleaner). Some other signs are:

  • Distorted carpet color – when carpet needs a thorough cleaning, it may appear much, much darker than it once did. You may also notice certain patches of carpet are much darker than the surrounding areas due to heavier foot traffic in those areas. Parts of the carpet may also look worn down. A professional commercial carpet cleaning service will use special power washers and steam cleaners to get out stubborn dirt.
  • Many stains – if the carpeting has many stains, large stains, and/or stains that you can’t get out on your own, it’s time to hire a professional carpet cleaner. We use advanced cleaning methods to remove stains quickly and completely.
  • Funky odors – after a while, a poorly cleaned carpet will begin to develop an odor. If you notice that the carpet smells sour, mildewy, musty, or just bad, then you should hire a carpet cleaner. Foul odors are a sign that it’s been quite a while since a cleaning. 
  • Carpet fibers feel crusty – after years without a cleaning, the dirt and grime that builds up in carpet fibers can make them feel crusty and stiff. Even walking across them in your shoes produces a notable crunchy feeling. A professional carpet cleaning service can restore your carpeting to its former glory.

Benefits of Professional Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Commercial carpet cleaning services not only extend the life of your carpet and make it look more appealing, but they also remove dangerous grime, dirt, and allergens from the carpet. This goes a long way towards improving the overall air quality and creating a better work environment for employees. Other notable benefits of hiring a carpet cleaning service in Lansing, MI:

  • Save time and money by not having to do it yourself or fully replace the carpeting.
  • Improve the appearance of your office or commercial property.
  • Remove harmful dirt and allergens and improve the air quality.
  • Professional carpet cleaners use top of the line equipment that ensures a thorough cleaning. 
  • Professionals offer stain resistant treatments that will extend the life of your carpet.
  • Professionals are trained and experienced in the safest and most effective cleaning methods for commercial carpets; they don’t have to waste time or money on trial and error.

Recent Reviews

What Stands Out About Working With McCreary's Healthy Homes?

There’s nothing like experience that validates good quality work. When it comes to cleaning, anyone that’s been in the field for multiple decades probably knows the best cleaning methods, and they’ve probably seen all types of messes in commercial spaces. They will also be able to tell you stories and show you photos of all types of work they have come completed. It’s almost like they have a fascination with the work they’ve been doing for decades. It’s like very few things matter to them more than the work they’ve signed up for!

Well lucky for you, that’s what makes McCreary’s Healthy Homes so great. Sure, do we hire new people all the time? Of course! Any business needs to hire and fire people to maintain excellence in their work. What we do have is decades of knowledge and insight that comes from Kevin McCreary, who’s able to instruct any new team member how to always provide the proven excellence our company provides in cleaning services.

Customers have really enjoyed our entire company’s service. You see the reviews above, but you should also read the hundreds of reviews you can find online about our company! When we finish a commercial carpet cleaning project, we make sure the customer is left with a result they’ll be happy with. We’ve made great connections with customers and businesses and we’d love for you to see why so many people rave about our professionalism. 


When you work with us, we aren’t just a regular old cleaning company. We talk about our staff as “advisors” to our clients. That means we actually talk with the business owners about how they can maintain their commercial space with great cleanliness and care. We believe that your business should be treated with the same level of care as your home, especially when it comes to cleaning! We’re thrilled to instruct you on how to maintain and keep your commercial space squeaky clean.


When we say we’ll show up, we mean it. We are dedicated to being there on-time to your commercial space and completing quality work. Just know by working with McCreary’s Healthy Homes, you’re getting an experience like none other.


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