Professional Furniture Cleaning

Why Do I Need Furniture Cleaning?

couch after professional upholstery cleaning in Lansing, MI

Your furniture is an important part of the house. It lets you rest whenever you’re feeling stressed and it gives comfort to your friends and family for gatherings at your home. It provides a great space for napping and lounging. However, many homeowners don’t give their furniture the attention it needs to stay clean.


Your furniture may not endure as much wear and tear as your floors, but it still requires a little TLC. Human bodies shed skin cells and bacteria, both of which end up on your furniture when you sit or lay down on it. Over time, these contaminants can build up, making your furniture appear dingy. It can also pose a health hazard and make you or your family ill. The solution? Our professional furniture cleaning services! Our deep cleaning can enhance your home and protect your furniture. We also offer tile and grout cleaning, rug cleaning, and air duct cleaning to keep your home clean and safe.

What are the benefits of furniture cleaning?

Furniture is a significant investment that needs time and attention to retain its functionality and value. You can gain more than double the value of your upholstered furniture by cleaning and maintaining its quality. Our furniture cleaning services use the latest technology to get you a better return on your investment, and our cleaning process is simple and effective.

Furniture and upholstery cleaning also saves you more money in the long run. You won’t have to fret about your upholstery getting worn out anytime soon. In fact, to help you out, we provide best practice tips and recommendations for taking care of your home. With these lessons in taking care of your home goods, like your tile flooring, air ducts, or carpets, we’ve learned and educated many homeowners.

Furniture cleaning process - couch cushion during upholstery cleaning
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Reviews About Furniture Cleaning

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They’ve consistently come to my rescue whenever I needed good upholstery cleaning and carpet cleaning. Our family has used them for over five years. We’ve never been disappointed. We highly recommend them, especially if you have pets!

Nathan King

We had a few things cleaned by McCreary’s Healthy Homes. Our grand cat has some accidents on the carpet, so they came and took care of that. They also cleaned the parlor loveseat and other upholstery. It was some old pieces of furniture and they did a great job being careful with it as they cleaned the stains. I recommend them and will be a loyal customer with them.

Julie Hug

What Stands Out About Working With McCreary's Healthy Homes?

Plain and simple, when we say we’ll show up somewhere, we mean it. We find it offensive to arrive at someone’s home late or not even show up…yet this happens all the time in contracting and service businesses. Just know by working with McCreary’s Healthy Cars, you’re getting an experience like none other.

Do you and your car want to feel like a million bucks without paying a million? Are you in the fast lane and speeding right past care care and protection? Slow down for a minute, ok well…30 minutes. Your whip will thank you.