The best carpet cleaning charlotte mi


How long has it been?

Does your carpet look like this? Often we go without hiring a professional to clean our carpets for years. Keep in mind the difficulty level rises the longer you wait. The carpet in your home should be cleaned annually to maintain the condition. Pets and children consume a lot of our time and are responsible for 80% of the messes. Time is essential and we procrastinate way too much. How long has it been since you hired the best carpet cleaning Charlotte MI?

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McCreary’s Healthy Homes wants you to save money. Restoration carpet cleaning is more expensive than a general clean. Replacing carpet is very expensive. Spending a couple hundred dollars once year to secure your investment is well worth it. Wether your the home owner or a renter dirt is traveled throughout and accidents happen.

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Did you know your carpet attracts dirt, bacteria, and any air born dust? It can be looked at as a filter to your home. Our objective is not only to do a exceptional job cleaning your carpets but improve the indoor air quality for you and your family.

The best carpet cleaning Charlotte MI


Bad experience?

Have you ever had a bad experience with a professional carpet cleaning company, who proclaimed they where the best? I get it, we all are trying to save money. So, we hire a company like Stanley Steamers or Modernistic. We refer to those companies as “coupon cleaners.” In most cases, the small print on the coupons are not read. They are used to attract the eye but ultimately mis leading. Once they show up for the special you took advantage of, they take advantage of you. The price changes from “$99 3-4 room special,” to on going price inflation. Trying to save a dollar can cost you money and time. This business behavior can deter you from finding the best carpet cleaning Charlotte MI. McCreary’s Healthy Homes is a family owned and operated professional cleaning service that still exist because our clients trust us.

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Heavily soiled areas can be a challenge. Results may vary, but the majority of the time we have great success. If anything reappears within 30 days we will come back free of charge.

Call (517) 484-6908 today for your free estimate and receive $10 off your scheduled appointment. McCreary’s Healthy Homes believes in combining traditional with new technology cleaning. We practice the use of safe cleaning agents that are eco-friendly.