The Best Carpet Cleaning Bath MI


What am I looking at?

This is a very high traffic area in the home. The carpet is matted down like a rug at an entry way. The walk path is outlined showing the denseness in the fabric. The carpet is almost 20 years old. Do you think the carpet is in horrible shape? Would you like your carpet in your home to last 20 years? Some of our clients hire McCreary\’s Healthy Homes bi-annually to professionally clean their carpets. A frequent clean makes it easier for you to maintain the condition.We are the best carpet cleaning Bath MI.

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It doesn\’t look very dirty!

If your looking at the picture above and telling yourself this carpet doesn\’t look very dirty, you\’re absolutely wrong. The wear and tear is apparent but dirt, bacteria, and pollen hide in the fabric. It\’s inevitable for air born particles not to land on your carpet or upholstery. Have you ever spilled a glass of water on what looks like a clean area and the spot turns brown when it dries? There is only one explanation, your carpet is dirty! Looks can be deceiving and cost you more money in the future rather than having a regularly scheduled appointment at least once a year.

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Not bad at all!

Although, you can still recognize the wear on the carpet the matted down high traffic area is restored to look consistent. The color of the fabric is definitely lighter. So the big question is, do you like to save money and time? Do the math if your carpet lasted 20 years.

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Is the dirt, bacteria, and pollens gone?

Not only are they gone but you don\’t have to worry about hidden dust mites. Using a the \”hot water extraction\” method allows the deepest clean and extracts with a high powered vacuum. The water reaching temperatures close to 220 degrees will kill almost everything that is living inside of the fibers. Not to mention, everything is sucked up and taken right into our truck-mounted machine outside of your home.

McCreary\’s Healthy Homes practices the use of safe cleaning agents that are eco and pet friendly. A lot of companies have come and gone in this industry. Family owned and operated since 1969. 46 years of quality cleaning and we are still here, growing! 

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