McCreary’s Healthy Homes Inc. has been improving pet urine and odor cleaning in the Greater Lansing, MI area for almost 50 years.professional pet urine and odor cleaning

Professional Pet Urine and Odor Cleaning

Pet Urine Odor is Unhealthy

First, all urine contains ammonia, even human urine. Animal urine has a higher concentration of ammonia because the urine travels threw the urethra where it encounters bacteria. The strong aroma that maybe in a home could be the ammonia from pet urine on carpet.

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Cats don’t drink a lot of water, so their urine compared to dogs has a higher volume of ammonia. Either urine, because of it’s wet warmness will attract bacteria once it finds it way on the carpet. The bacteria it develops releases gases creating more of an unpleasant smell coming from the carpet.

Urine is an acid, until it gets on the carpet and becomes an alkaline. The combination of acidic urine and ammonia results in alkaline salt known as urine crystals.

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When Nature Calls.

Just like that, you turn your back and nature calls! Your lovely carpet suddenly wears a pet stain.

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Your family’s lovable pet, can be your carpet’s worst enemy. When our pet(s) have an accident on the carpet or furniture, call the professional pet urine and odor cleaning experts at McCreary’s Healthy Homes Inc. (517) 484-6908.

Pet urine damages

Eye sight, the pet stain looks small, but in reality it’s 2-3 times bigger below the surface. The urine can travel through the carpet fibers, down to the backing, onto the padding and possibly to the sub-floor. Animal urine is strong enough to spread to the floor made of wood or cement.

professional pet urnine and odor cleaning

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In conclusion, what looks like urine on the carpet, could be urine on your sub-floor. If not treated in a timely matter, overtime you may have to replace the sub-floor due to rotting.

Pet Odor Cleaning.professional pet urine and odor cleaning

We can help you with pet urine & odor problem. McCreary’s Healthy Homes Inc. uses safe cleaning agents and has developed a specialized method for cleaning these challenging pet odors and urine stains. We can neutralize the damage that will occur if left untreated.

Pet urine left in carpet for a long time will cause a problem getting rid of it. If the damage is extensive, it’s more than just cleaning the carpet and additional charges may be applied. The carpet cleaning process will take longer than expected to troubleshoot pet urine stains.

 Your animal could be stressed out for the following reasons…

  • Unfamiliar faces and people

  • Not shown enough attention

  • Other animals in the environment

  • New furniture or objects

  • Your animal might be ill

    Trying to eliminate the scent is not going to cure the problem. There is always a reason for the behavior of our animal(s). Finding the reason might be impacting the behavior and leave you with a happy animal and a healthy home.

How to clean animal urine.

  • Identify location of accident and dry.

  • When drying the area use a dry white cloth or paper towel.

  • Blot, don’t rub. Rubbing spreads the urine over a wider area into the carpet.

  • Hold the cloth or paper towel on the spot for a few minutes to soak urine.

  • Try to keep the animal away from that area until the odor has been completely eliminated.

  • If the animal goes back to the same spot cover with foil.

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