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Is that time of year again?

Sure is, spring cleaning is here and it’s time to have our homes look and smell good. Spring has come later than usual, but I’m not one to complain. I just hope there is no more snow in store for us until winter. Speaking of winter, do remember all that salt you poured on the ice in your driveway or porch? Even though we don’t wear our shoes throughout our homes, salt finds ways to travel inside on our hard floors and carpet. Depending on the type of fabric and color, it either hides or standout like a sore thumb. 

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Have you ever moved your furniture and noticed the difference in the contrast of color on your carpet? These areas never see much traffic. It’s always a good thing to position furniture in different spots, so there is not one particular area that gets overwhelmed with immense foot traffic. Did you know, bacteria can live in the fabric of your carpet for more than 30 days? Call (517) 484-6908, to schedule McCreary’s Healthy Homes carpet cleaning service Mulliken MI.

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carpet cleaning service Mulliken MIFantastic!

Sometimes we don’t notice the difference, because our carpet is not in horrible condition, but you should never wait until the carpet needs a restoration clean. If you choose to wait until it needs a restoration clean, results may vary because the difficulty level rises. The carpet on the before picture looks dead and dull, but on the after picture looks alive and healthy. Financially we can be in a bind sometimes, but please take in consideration maintaining your carpet will save you money you don’t have to replace.

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McCreary’s Healthy Homes are a family owned and operated company who practices the use of eco-friendly safe cleaning agents. The primary reason to clean the carpet in your home is to improve the indoor air quality. We live with the windows shut most of the year using our air condition or heat.

Other services we offer are: Air duct cleaning, Tile and grout cleaning, Upholstery cleaning, Mattress cleaning, Auto cleaning, and flood damage restoration.

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