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What it is your method of cleaning carpet?

Comparable to steam cleaning, McCreary\’s Healthy Homes Inc. uses a carpet cleaning method called \”hot water extraction.\” This method of cleaning carpet is often recommended by carpet manufacturers to uphold warranty\’s. A truck-mounted system that reaches temperatures of 220 degrees and negative air suction extraction of 500 cubic feet per minute. The combination between the two can eliminate spots/stains and extract the water used to do so. Extracting is vital, so your carpets can dry quicker with less probability of spots/stains resurfacing. Call (517) 484-6908 to schedule your local carpet cleaners in Okemos, MI.

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The picture above is an actual job performed on 05/30/2017 in Okemos, MI. Looking closely at the image you can see a huge difference from where the carpet has been cleaned and where it has not. McCreary\’s Healthy Homes Inc. uses pet-friendly safe cleaning agents. The condition of the carpet dictates what cleaning agents we use.

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Stains can be a challenge to eliminate. Not knowing what the stain is or how long it has been in the carpet for, can make it permanent.  The last thing we want is to have a stain stand out like a sore thumb on our white carpet. Results vary and nothing is a guarantee, besides us trouble shooting trying to remove the stain(s). Pre-treating, post-treating and sometimes one return trip is what it takes to get rid of these spots.



Even with unknowns, we have great success in restoring carpet. Every now and then we will run into stubborn stain that we can\’t eliminate. There was heavy traffic on this carpet, numerous spots/stains and some areas that we didn\’t think they would clean-up the way they did. The owner of the property was very pleased and impressed.

Who are we?

McCreary\’s Healthy Homes Inc. has been in business since 1969. Our focus is on quality, not quantity, and taking care of one client at a time. Kevin McCreary and Kurt Skinner are the owners of the company and perform all the work. Call (517) 484-6908 for your FREE estimate today from your local carpet cleaners in Okemos, MI.