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Job Description

  • Why Would You Love Working With McCreary’s Healthy Homes?
    • Get a Career, Not Just a Job! – You’ll be trained up to be able to manage anything with home wellness and cleaning.
    • Merit-Based Pay – If you are an A+ player and do a great job, we will compensate you handsomely.
    • Paid Training – Get better on the job while still getting paid!
    • Dress to Impress – Look like a legit company with clean uniforms, shining head to toe.
    • Work with a Growing Company – As we continue to grow and skyrocket, your ability to gain more responsibility and advance is up to you! Look to manage and own departments in this company.
    • Paid Holidays Available – Work at a cleaning company that actually provides great benefits to stick around and build a career.
    • We’re Fun! – We’re jamming to music in the trucks, providing free water and a gym for massive gains and we have a fun, loose environment to work in.
  • If these reasons bring you excitement and interest, feel free to APPLY TODAY. We will get in touch with you briefly and invite you to an interview! Hear from you soon!

  • If you’re curious to read more, see the details below:

  • Skills/Qualifications:

    • Motivation

    • Goal-Orientated

    • Creativity is a plus.

    • Mechanical aptitude and experience is a plus.

    • Must shower occasionally

    • Growth Mentality – We love people who love improving themselves on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis.

    • Basic English speaking skills required.

    • Detailed – must be able to cross your T’s and dot your i’s

    • A coachable attitude and aggressive personality is far more important to us than having any previous experience.

    • A Self-Starter – you don’t need a babysitter to direct you every step of the way

    • Must be able to verbally communicate well

    • Must appreciate humor and Kevin’s jokes (he needs the approval)

  • What You Will Do:

    • You will arrive at work on time.
    • Must be able to show up every day that is not requested off. However, we do understand that there are emergencies.
    • Strive to be the most Professional, Punctual, and Practical you can be.
    • Be honest at all times.


Make more than $48,000!

Perform cleaning and home maintenance jobs for our clients

We will call you.

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