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Best Carpet cleaning method in Okemos MI

Best carpet cleaning method in Okemos MI

Professional Carpet Cleaning in Okemos, MI

Hot Water Extraction vs Steam Cleaning

Hot water extraction and steam cleaning are NOT comparable carpet cleaning methods. Although, both have water that reaches high temperatures to loosen dirt, kill dust mites, mold, staph, allergens and harmful bacteria.

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Steam cleaning uses boiling water temperatures, which can cause the carpet fibers to shrink. Furthermore, steam cleaning water temps get so high it produces a gas. This “steam” can not only damage carpet, but paint on the walls due to the moisture. Steam cleaning doesn’t have a rinsing process to remove whatever was used to clean. the carpet.

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Hot water extraction carpet cleaning is often required by carpet manufacturers to uphold warranties. Unlike steam cleaning, the hot water doesn’t damage the carpet and extracts close to 80% of the water that is used to clean. There’s visible steam when cleaning, but it’s JUST WATER!

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In conclusion, both methods are effective in cleaning carpets, but steam cleaning is an old method and hot water extraction capitalized the flaws from steam cleaning. McCreary’s Healthy Homes Inc. offers the best carpet cleaning method in Okemos MI. Call (517) 484-6908 for your professional carpet cleaners near you!

best carpet cleaning method in okemos mi

Best carpet cleaning method in Okemos MI

Restoring Carpet

This particular carpet cleaning job had no stains or spots, but an old dirty carpet. Could you imagine a human, if they didn’t shower or shave? That’s exactly what the before and after pictures remind me of, an aged human. It looked like it had no hope of restoring it’s original condition, but when you love what you do, have the knowledge to do it and the equipment to enhance it all that’s a recipe for restoring carpet.

McCreary’s Healthy Homes Inc. have been around for 69 years and have been in close to 20,000 homes. We clean upholstery, air ducts, tile & grout and offer The Best carpet cleaning method in Okemos MI. Call (517) 484-6908 today for your FREE estimate.