We Love Cleaning Carpet East Lansing MI


Is carpet cleaning an art?

With every occupation there is an art to it. We believe if you love doing something your art can come to life by putting your heart into it. Cleaning carpet East Lansing MI is just that for us! Finding creative ways to clean your furnishing\’s to restore or retain their beautiful presence. Our artistic expression will magnify the cleanliness of your home.

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The right challenge!

The challenge doesn\’t revolve around our competition, it is more than that. Many challenges present themselves and they can be on your couch, carpet, chair, tile, grout, the valuables you have spent your hard earned money to improve the comfort and look of your home. The only thing we are concerned about is removing spot\’s, stain\’s, pollen, bacteria, soil and allergens from your fabric and hard surfaces. We want to make your home a healthy home!

Money doesn\’t make who we are!

Yes, we are a business, but it\’s not all about the money. Providing a service people can trust is the only reason why we\’re still in business. Choosing McCreary\’s Healthy homes you\’re not just a customer of ours but a client and a friend.  The workmanship that we provide is great, but so is our customer service and that\’s how we separate ourselves from other professional cleaning services.

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The love for East Lansing, MI.

We love cleaning: carpet, upholstery, tile, grout, granite, vinyl, ceramic, and air ducts. Your home is our home in the sense of cleanliness. We have obtained some great clients from every city, but we love cleaning carpet East Lansing MI. Cleaning for the head coach of Michigan State University Mens basketball team, Duckett Brothers distribution and many more lets us know we are the best!

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The brand!

Quality control is how we manage to continue to exceed expectations. We are not looking to grow rapidly and expand  having a dozen trucks. We are happy, when our clients and friends are happy. Taking on too much, too fast, we would lose our quality and blemish our brand. Being a small family owned and operated company allows us to back up our words and take our time!

McCreary\’s Healthy Homes are your local professional carpet cleaners East Lansing, MI. The continuous support is mutual. Call (517) 484-6908 for your free estimate today and if you\’re reading this, be sure to tell us, you\’ll receive $20 off your first scheduled appointment!