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\"TileTile and Grout Cleaning in Okemos MI

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Doing it yourself isn\’t bad, but…

Because the grout is porous, the water from mopping can do more harm than good. Removing the dirt from the surface of the tile is the objective, but the grout will absorb the wet soil. In conclusion, embedded dirt can cause the grout to become stained and dull. Call (517) 484-6908 to schedule a Tile and Grout Cleaning in Okemos MI.

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Furthermore, grout cleaning in itself is tedious work! Whether bending over, sitting down or laying on the floor, more than likely you\’re in an awkward position with a bucket and a toothbrush. Inch-by-inch, foot-by-foot, hours later still not receiving the results you desired, but now you have a sore back and wasted time.

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 How does McCreary\’s Healthy Homes Inc. clean tile and grout?

A truck-mounted cleaning system is used to safely clean floors, showers, and countertops by effectively removing dirt and contaminants. Our Tile Cleaning and Grout Cleaning process use heat, a specialized cleaning solution, and vacuum power to remove the dirt that homeowners can\’t. We complete the job with a high-pressure rinse.

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\"TileTile and Grout Cleaning in Okemos MI

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High Traffic Area\’s in Your Home?

First, tile and grout can be found in kitchens. Food, oils, and a lot of people are also found in the kitchen. I mean, who doesn\’t like to eat?  Cooking oil doesn\’t have to spill on the ground for it to accumulate, it can spread air born. This is an area where there\’s high probability for accidental spills.

Secondly, bathrooms are a common area to find tile and grout. Now, not everyone likes to take a shower or bathe, but the reason we do is because we\’re dirty. The accumulation of dirt and germs. Bathrooms are areas for high moisture, a wet residue can cause mold issue.

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