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Is my carpet dirty even if it looks clean?

Overtime, your carpet obtains pollens, oily residue, dirt, and soil that you track in from inside/outside. These areas repeatedly take a beating with foot traffic, also causing matted down fabric. Dirt and soil, once dry can act as an abrasive like sand paper. Imagine, the continuation of traffic friction, grinding your carpet fibers. It\’s almost like taking a knife and literally cutting the carpet. You spend too much money and time cleaning not to protect your investment by hiring the best local carpet cleaning Okemos MI. 

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We know exactly the results you\’re looking for! You would like those troubled areas to look consistent with the carpet that gets very little traffic and looks amazing. Most of us can blatantly see the difference, but if you can\’t please take a moment to look at the walk path leading out from your kitchen or right in front of your couch. If you can\’t see a huge difference that still doesn\’t mean your carpets are not dirty! Dirt can hide itself very well in the fibers of your carpet.

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The picture above doesn\’t look horrible! Trust me, you don\’t want to wait till your carpet looks horrible to have them professionally cleaned. You will have to lower your expectations for the results you desire. Depending on the volume of traffic you should have your carpets cleaned every 6-12 months. 

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Who we are!

McCreary\’s Healthy Homes carefully move your upholstered furniture. Cleaning under and around and placing them back in it\’s original position with protectors underneath the legs. Going above and beyond is who we are and what we stand for! I\’m not sure that you\’ll find another local professional carpet cleaning company that is honest and pride themselves on their workmanship. 

Who we are not!

Finding a company that you can trust can be challenging because price plays a part in your decision. Company\’s like Ace Cleaning, Modernistic, and Stanley Steemers have great deals, but their coupons can be misleading. Often, the price quoted to you will change on site because of the wording and small print. Not to say you won\’t have a great experience with one of these companies, but it will vary every time because they are so large. 

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McCreary\’s Healthy Homes maintains quality control! Being in business for over 46 years and having the owners always clean for you say\’s who we are. We would love to grow but at a pace where we can still deliver exactly what you pay for!

Call (517) 484-6908 for your free estimate or schedule a clean today and we will take an additional $10 off. McCreary\’s Healthy Homes are the best local carpet cleaning Okemos MI.