The Best Carpet Cleaning Mason MI


Carpet that is discolored can be a number of factors. The circulation of air throughout your home would be the first thing to take in consideration. Take a moment and look at your cold air returns, what your looking for is if the carpet near by is extremely dirty. If it is dirty by the cold air return, you should have your air ducts clean because your carpets are not only facing the challenging of staying clean from traffic but the air is dropping dust and dirt into the fabric. McCreary\’s Healthy Homes does offer professional duct cleaning services but we are the best carpet cleaning Mason MI.

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Do you see what I see? The original color of the carpet is a tan or off white. I wanted to stop while we were cleaning to snap this photo. The color of the carpet that has not been cleaned is the same color by the cold air return. which led me to believe the air ducts need to be cleaned.

Using the wand to clean this heavily soiled carpet wasn\’t a great choice. Going over some areas 3-4 times but it was a great workout. In hinds sight, we should have pulled out the RX (rotary extraction). Both give a deep clean but there is more aggitation with the RX and less physical work.

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Our workmanship speaks for it\’s self. Each job has it\’s own challenges. McCreary\’s Healthy Homes takes pride in putting a smile on our clients face. You seen the before and if you don\’t remember what the carpet looked liked before scroll up. Would you be satisfied if this was your carpet?

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In many cases if the carpet is bad shape it can\’t be restored and you have to purchase new carpet. Purchasing new carpet is expensive. So, why don\’t you maintain an annually professional carpet cleaning to save time and money.

McCreary\’s Healthy Homes is a family owned and operated professional cleaning company since 1969. Their are a lot of cleaning companies that have went out of business, there is a reason why we are still in business. We are the best carpet cleaning Mason MI.

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