The Best Carpet Cleaning Eaton Rapids MI


Is this carpet dirty?

There is no spots or stains that standout. The traffic areas don\’t look matted down or heavily soiled with dirt. So why does this carpet need to be professionally cleaned? The picture above shows carpet that hasn\’t been cleaned in over two years. The owners have done a wonderful job of maintaining. Unfortunately, over time everything retains dirt, pollens, allergens, and mold spores. These subjects don\’t have to show to be deep down into the carpet fibers. Regularly cleaning your carpet may protect your investment and last you a lifetime. Call the best carpet cleaning Eaton Rapids MI.

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Have you ever been sitting down in your home and through a glare of light coming through your house you can see stuff floating in the air? Your carpets can get dirty through air born dust and pollens. This occurs frequently during the colder part of the year because your heat is on and recirculates the air you have continued to breath year after year. Professionally cleaning your air ducts and furnace is a great place to start but only needs to be done every 7-10 years unless you have done some renovation.

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In conclusion, this carpet doesn\’t show surface dirt but it\’s still dirty. Carpet can hold and hide dirt to where it goes unrecognized. You should clean your carpet every 6-12 months depending the amount of traffic.


Can you see the difference?

McCreary\’s Healthy Homes use the \”hot water extraction\” method. This method is commonly recommended by carpet manufactures to uphold warranties. This method doesn\’t hurt your carpet but uses water that reaches temperatures of 220 degrees. Extracting almost 90% of the water out of the carpet with a high powered vacuum that is built right into the truck-mount. 

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In the before picture, the color of the carpet is consistent every square inch. Notice in the after picture the color has changed and has advanced after the clean close to the condition of the carpet when first purchased. 

All carpet cleaning companies are not the same and we advise to carefully evaluate a company on it\’s work not price. If a company ranks higher on the internet or yellow pages does that make them better? Absolutely not, they even might be charging less than standard pricing but be careful of the \”hook and reel\” analogy.

McCreary\’s Healthy Homes is the best carpet cleaning Eaton Rapids MI! A family owned and operated company since 1969. The owners do all of the cleaning! Call (517) 484-6908 for your free estimate today and receive $10 off your 1st scheduled appointment. We practice the use of safe cleaning agents that are eco-friendly.