The best carpet cleaning Dimondale MI


There are no severe stains or spots that standout on this berber carpet. The accumulation of dirt and dust matted onto the carpet has given the appearance to be consistent. The home owner takes care of the carpet but overtime everything in your home needs to be cleaned. McCreary\’s Healthy Homes offers the best carpet cleaning Dimondale MI.

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With just a corner of the the carpet cleaned, you can get a small glimpse of what has been removed from the fabric. When the area is consistent as it was, it\’s extremely hard to tell the difference because you have adapted to the visual presence.

Removing your shoes, not drinking or eating on the carpet are great things to preserve the condition. Unfortunately, dirt, bacteria, and pollen travels on your clothes, skin and is airborne. Not to mention, kids will be kids.

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The after picture looks dark and we probably should\’ve turned on the light. Please look by the sliding glass door where the light is shinning in. You can see how good the berber carpet cleaned up. Berber happens to have some of the best results when using the hot water extraction method. It\’s definitely one of our favorite fabrics to clean.

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There are two major factors to have a quality deep carpet cleaning. The two vital components are: hot water and rinsing! You might be telling yourself, I have hot water. The question I have for you is, can your hot water stay the same temperature through the process of an entire clean? McCreary\’s Healthy Homes cleans at a temperature between 200-220 degrees maximizing results. It\’s almost impossible for carpet cleaning machines you rent or buy to compete with a hired professional that uses a truck mount with hot water extraction.

Could you imagine taking a shower washing and not rinsing? Or partially rinsing? When you got out a dried off you would feel a residue like your carpets due when they\’re not thoroughly rinsed. Once again, most carpet cleaning machines you rent or buy will leave a residue in the fabric causing dirt to accumulate at a faster pace.

If you have tried other carpet cleaning companies and are disappointed with the customer service or quality of the clean and are still searching for experts you can trust, than look no further McCreary\’s Healthy Homes professional carpet cleaning stands behind a 100% guarantee.

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