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The best carpet cleaning company Holt MI

The best carpet cleaning company Holt MI

Professional Carpet Cleaning in Holt, MI

How do you determine who’s the best carpet cleaning company?

Every company claims to be the “Best” carpet cleaners. This is a Country of “Freedom of Speech,” but no matter what city you reside in you have the good, bad and ugly! Hiring a professional carpet cleaner is like shopping for toothpaste, there’s so many to choose from. So the question remains, “How do you determine who’s the best?”

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First, all carpet cleaning companies declare they have “state-of-the-art high powered equipment.” What most companies have is sub-standard budget equipment. It’s a part of business, pay less charge more. Keep in mind, the “sub-standard budget equipment” will do the job if you’re looking for quantity over quality.

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Second, be aware of misleading advertisements with small prices from “Professional” carpet cleaners. These advertisements are referred to “bait and switch.” Once inside of your home, the price changes. Although you may feel cheated, their in your house and you expected to have the carpets cleaned so at this point, you end up paying whatever the price becomes.

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Third, who’s doing the carpet cleaning? You may have called a reputable company, but who are they sending to clean the carpet in your home? The majority of companies will send an under payed not fully trained employee to clean.

Lastly, McCreary’s Healthy Homes Inc. are the best carpet cleaning company Holt MI. We’re a local family owned and operated company that has been in business since 1969. Kevin McCreary and Kurt Skinner are the owners and they’re out every day cleaning carpets in homes. There is an additional cost for additional service, but no hidden charges or tax. We might have exceeded our budget on our equipment and products we use, that should say it all.

the best carpet cleaning company holt Mi

The best carpet cleaning Company Holt MI

Restoring Carpet!

On heavily soiled carpet we use the “Hoss.” This is a rotary extraction deep cleaning and leaves carpets drier than any other rotary tool. Easy to maneuver and transport, the rotary head delivers 700 passes per minute for better agitation and deeper extraction. Click here to check out a video of the Hoss!

the best carpet cleaning company holt mi

The best carpet cleaning company Holt MI

Carpet cleaning competition?

Carpet cleaning is a saturated market in the Greater Lansing area. We try not to compete with our competition, because we’re more focused on improving and growing. Our prices and workmanship set us apart from the others. In addition, maintaining the integrity of this company and trusting clients will see us for who we really are. At the end of the day we’re a business, but it’s not all about the money, it’s about giving back what has been given to us, OPPORTUNITY!

I may be wrong, but I believe we’re one of the few carpet cleaning companies if not the only one in Holt, who will return if a spot reappears after we’ve cleaned with no questions asked! Call (517) 484-6908 the best carpet cleaning company Holt MI today to get a FREE estimate or to book your carpet cleaning!