Restaurant carpet cleaning Okemos MI


It’s more than just good food!

I’m not sure of how many other places with carpet face the challenges that restaurants do. The enormous amount of traffic, food and drink spills. Overtime, the carpet can look destroyed. The presentation of your restaurant will persuade individuals if they want to continue to dine in the atmosphere you set for them.

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I have walked into a restaurant and directly out due to the unsanitary condition. If you don’t maintain the cleanliness of what is in eyesight of your customers, than how can anyone trust the kitchen? Or how the food is prepared? You don’t have to be overly obsessive with cleaning, but it does need to be addressed. Carpet covers a lot of restaurants and at first glance and what clients see. Cleaning your carpets is setting the tone for the atmosphere you’ve created. Do you want your customers to enjoy their dining experience without looking at filthy carpet?

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Hiring a professional hard surface or carpet cleaning company can be a tough decision. You definitely want to get your money’s worth. Don’t pay too little because that’s exactly what type of cleaning you will receive. McCreary’s Healthy Homes is a premier professional family owned and operated cleaning company that stands behind our work!

restaurant carpet cleaning Okemos MI



What does this picture tell you? It tells me you care! There are two major things you accomplish when hiring the best carpet cleaners: 1.) Maintaining the condition of your restaurant. 2.) With no words, your speaking to your reoccurring/new customers we do this for you! You receive immediate results when you see all the spots and stains cleaned from your carpet. Long-term results come from the growth of your business and believe me people care and notice. You don’t want to be known as the “dirty” restaurant!

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People are sensitive to chemicals and fragrances. McCreary’s Healthy Homes practices the use of safe cleaning agents that are Eco/pet-friendly. Offering more than just carpet cleaning: air duct cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, and upholstery cleaning.

Call (517) 484-6908 for your FREE estimate today. Culvers and Cancun Mexican Grill are just to name a few restaurants we clean for. We are your #1 restaurant carpet cleaning Okemos MI.