Rental Property Carpet Cleaning in DeWitt MI


Do I replace my carpet?

I will say it with you, \”this is disgusting!\” You can\’t just take a quick glance and overlook carpet that\’s in this condition. At first thought, I would make an assumption that the carpet needs to be replaced. As a property owner or a renter, you definitely want to exercise your options to save money. Trying to find the right company to clean carpet that\’s this bad can be a challenge in it\’s self. Taking a look at the picture above, would you say McCreary\’s Healthy Homes has restored this rental property carpet cleaning in DeWitt MI?

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Do you know what it is and the harm it can cause?

Diagnosing what exactly caused this is key to removing it, if it can be. The longer a stain sits, the harder it will be to clean. Keep in mind, with this amount of dirt, dirt is an abrasive an acts just like sandpaper. It\’s obvious, a daily routine of vacuuming was not done, nor was anyone\’s shoes ever taken off at the entry way.

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We work really hard for YOU!

This is called a restoration carpet cleaning. Being in this condition takes a lot of elbow grease and a different process. Cleaning technology has advanced but will not do a job like this without any traditional cleaning methods. McCreary\’s Healthy Homes implement both, getting on our hands and knees is not one of our favorite things to do, but it is necessary in situations like this. We practice the use of safe cleaning agents/Eco friendly and for all of these reasons above the cost of this type of clean will be more expensive.

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So what do you think?

Does this carpet cleaning, exceed your expectations? The major benefit you have when hiring McCreary\’s Healthy Homes, is the owners do all of the cleaning. Years of experience, with the knowledge of equipment and variations of processes are what separates us from the competition. You can call Stanley Steemers or Modernistic and pay a less expensive price but, you will get a less expensive clean. At best you might get an \”employee\” that has a couple years experience and it will not be consistent.

So if you\’re not happy with the carpet cleaning company you hired previously and only call them because of the price, why not pay a few more dollars to get exactly what it is you want. Call (517) 484-6908 for your FREE estimate. This is just a rental property carpet cleaning in DeWitt MI, imagine what we could do for your personal residence.