How to Remove RED WINE Carpet Cleaners in Okemos MI

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\"HowHow to remove red wine carpet cleaners in Okemos MI.

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It\’s not just red wine!

Anything liquid that is red, orange or purple can permanently stain your carpet. Calling a professional carpet cleaning company is the best decision, for the best results. Before you call, there are some steps you can take:

  1. Blot with a dry white cloth

  2. Blot with a cold damp white cloth

  3. Repeat steps 1 and 2

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Until, a professional carpet cleaner can address the situation, repeat these simple steps for the best results. Doing less, can be the difference in eliminating the stain. Please do not scrub, it will only spread the stain. I would refer to this as a extract and rinsing process. The last thing you want to do is add over the counter cleaning products, which can worsen the situation. Over the counter cleaning products have chemicals in them that are hard to rinse out. The objective is to dilute the wine.

Their are other methods that are effective to help remove red stains out of the carpet. Other methods have multiple steps to remove red stains, but are a little more complex. I would only suggest using those methods if you feel comfortable. In most cases, either way you\’re going to have to call a professional cleaning service. There\’s always the possibility of you ruining your carpet, which could be an expensive cost. How to remove red wine carpet cleaners in Okmeos MI, call (517) 484-6908.

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Carpet cleaning methods!

There are multiple carpet cleaning methods. Through years of experience, the \”Hot water extraction\” method seems to be the most efficient and effective. This method is also not the least expensive. With water temps reaching right around 220 degrees and 500cfm it offers the quality to get the job done! Definitely helps when the owners perform all of the work as well. Results are what you pay for and the results are what you\’re given with McCreary\’s Healthy Homes Inc.

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McCreary\’s Healthy Homes Inc. practices the use of safe cleaning agents that are Eco friendly and pet friendly. Established since 1969, with more than 48 years of being in business, there is a reason why we\’re still in business. Thank you for reading \” How to remove red wine carpet cleaners in Okemos MI.\” Call (517) 484-6908 for a free estimate. We just don\’t sell a service, but establish a friendship!