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Professional rug cleaning service

Professional Rug Cleaning Service

How much will it cost to have my rug cleaned?

professional rug cleaning service

For one thing, not all area rugs are made the same. In addition, area rugs are made up of different fibers, materials, and dyes. The rug will determine the type of tools, equipment, and safe cleaning agents to clean.

To start with, finding the size, knowing the damage and if the rug has ever been cleaned before. Above all, the price and cleaning process will be determined whether the rug is synthetic or a natural fiber.

To conclude “how much will it cost to have my rug cleaned?,” there’s a multitude of factors to take in consideration. Such as, fabric, color, fringe and the condition of the rug.

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Can I clean my own rugs?

professional rug cleaning service

Absolutely, you can clean your own rugs. In all honesty, you could unknowingly cause damage to them. As with hiring a Professional, there’s risk’s involved with cleaning area rugs that include:

  • Over wetting, that could lead to mold and mildew

  • Color fading

  • Color bleeding

  • Curling/rippling

  • Permanent marking patterns

With this in mind, we recommend leaving the risk up to a Professional rug cleaning service near you. Not to mention, rug cleaning is intense and a lot of patience is required with taking everything into consideration.

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A rug can compliment a home or make it look crappy

professional rug cleaning service

Particularly, a brand new rug adds warmth and character to a home. Indeed, homeowners and renters commonly buy rugs for the appearance and style.

professional rug cleaning service

Eventually, overtime that beautiful, stylish area rug that added character to a home is now making the home look dirty or crappy. Even more, area rugs collect dirt, dust, pet dander, food particles, and everything from your shoes into the rug fibers.

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Vacuum, vacuum, vacuum

Above all, vacuuming your area rugs is vital to maintain them. However, make sure the beater bar only touches the tips of the fiber. If the beater bar is too low it may damage an area rug, loosen fibers or de-attach them.

professional rug cleaning service

Furthermore, vacuuming can remove surface-level dirt, but odors, stains, and the soil may still remain. Nonetheless, vacuuming and spot-treating stains aren’t enough to keep area rugs in the shape when purchased. Eventually, hiring a Professional rug cleaning service for a deep clean is crucial to restoring your rug’s beauty.

The types of rugs we clean:

  • Nylon.

  • Viscose.

  • Rayon.

  • Acetate.

  • Wool.

  • Silk.

  • Cotton.

Oriental Rug or Synthetic?

For a start, check the tag on the back of the rug. The tag should tell you the size, material and where it was made. On the other hand, if the tag is too worn or missing there are methods to test. In addition, natural fiber rugs are often referred to as oriental rugs.

Professional rug cleaning service

If the fiber is natural, it will burn away, smell like hair and leave some ash behind. Matter of fact, oriental rugs are expensive, not just because they’re made up from a natural fiber, but because they’re hand woven. Even more, the edges of a natural fiber rug are typically woven tightly.

professional rug cleaning service

In contrast, synthetic rugs are typically made of polypropylene, polyester or nylon. Furthermore, a burn test on synthetic material will melt and ball up, as well as smell like plastic. As a final point, synthetic materials are made to be much more durable than natural fibers. Most synthetic rugs are cleaned in customer homes using the hot water extraction method.

Lastly, in the nature of natural fibers, the cleaning process consists of more due to its delicacy than a heavy durable synthetic rug.

 After Professional rug cleaning service…

  • Drying times vary due to specific factors, including: humidity, density, fabric, and ventilation will help with drying time.

  • Try to prevent traffic for 24 hours.

Our 30 day guarantee, is like a 30 day warranty on the areas we cleaned. Please give us a call back if any spots that we cleaned and treated reappear. We have great success eliminating stains and spots, but nothing is ever promised. Our owners/technicians will evaluate all areas and will give their honest opinion and what you can expect!

Red and orange stains will NOT come out just by using our truck-mounted system. There is a process/method we can perform, but it will be at an additional cost.

Depending when the spill, spot, or animal accident occurred will ultimately determine the success rate.

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