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Professional Fabric Protection Cleaning

Professional Fabric Protection cleaning

 Professional Fabric Protection for Carpet and Furniture.

Throughout our life, how many times do we purchase new furniture or carpet? How often do we have to throw away our favorite chair or favorite couch? Applying fabric protection, will allow your upholstery and carpet to endure tough stains and spills. Most importantly, your saving your hard earned money!

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Keep your home cleaner, fresher, brighter … longer!

– Helps protect against both oil and water based stains.
– Helps carpet fibers and furniture fabric resist soiling.
– Helps spills not settle in before they become stains.
– Helps professional carpet or upholstery cleaners remove the stain.
– Effective against fruit drinks, soft drinks and frozen fruit treats.

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Fabric Protection Improves vacuuming.

Vacuuming is actually more effective with fabric Protection. Dirt is easily picked-up, because it stays on the surface of the area protected. Dirt finds ways to hide itself in the fabric. Dirt is an abrasive like sand paper. The grinding of dirt in your fabric can literally cut the fibers.

Simplifies spill cleanup.

Professional fabric protection, cleaning helps spills from becoming a hard spot/stain to clean. It repels liquids, so spills can be blotted up quickly and easily. The protection acts as a raincoat for your upholstered or carpeted areas.

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Fabric Protection.

The best time to apply fabric protection is right after cleaning. Regular vacuuming and prompt cleanup of spills will help maintain the bright, freshly cleaned look or a long time.

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