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What are the main areas in your home, that receive the most foot traffic?

Entry ways, kitchens, and staircases often are the most used in your home. Family and friends continually come in and out front doors, side doors, and garage doors. While our kids run up and down the stairs to their room or to use the bathroom. The kitchen is a part of our home that we find crumbs and oily residue on the bottoms of our feet.

Everything that we encounter can be found in our carpet or on our upholstery. Even though we take off our shoes at the door, the material things like our coats and clothes carry dirt. The next thing you know, the dirt is traveled to areas that don’t receive much foot traffic.

McCreary’s Healthy Homes offer the best professional carpet cleaning services Lansing, MI. Call (517) 484-6908 for your FREE estimate. The objective is to make your home, a healthy home.

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professional carpet cleaning services Lansing MI

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Sometimes your expectations are different from the results. The most important factor to consider, “when is the last time have you had your carpets cleaned?” The longer stain(s) and dirt sits in the carpet the harder it is to clean or remove. Professional carpet cleaning services Lansing MI are not cheap, but can save you money by not having to replace your carpet. In some severe cases McCreary’s Healthy Homes can restore your carpet.

You can expect us to be honest with up-front professional expectations and cost. Most companies can be misleading and make promises they cannot deliver. This clients’ carpet wasn’t in horrible condition. The carpet is almost 10 years old, but they call us each year to protect their investment. The results are the same each year because it’s maintained.

Take one more look at the before and after picture and pick up the phone. Call (517) 484-6908 for your FREE estimate and schedule your local professional carpet cleaning services Lansing MI.