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“I couldn’t be more happy with the thorough job that Kurt did, cleaning my ducts and upholstery, my cough is gone and I have increased energy!”

Baur Professional Air duct Cleaning in Delta Township. 02/23/2018Renee

“McCrearys cleaned ducts and carpets for me yesterday. They do quality work in a timely manner. I appreciated that they explained the duct cleaning process and offered caution about stepping from newly cleaned rug to wood floor. Most of all they were careful to watch out for my frightened kitty. This is the 3rd time I have used them in four years and I highly recommend them.”

Kathy Fay Professional Air Duct Cleaning in Meridian Township. 12/15/2017

“I am Thankful for this Company. My carpets look great. Our air ducts were cleaned and they really NEEDED it!!!! It is part of our home maintenance that I didn’t think about. Thank you for the super cleaning and superb customer service. I highly recommend this company.”

Pamela Hiatt Professional Air Duct Cleaning in Gaines, MI. 11/21/2017

“We just bought a house where the previous owners had VERY hairy animals. I had the air ducts cleaned and they got so much hair out, it filled the bin! Brandon and Kurt were professional, friendly, and fast. If we had carpet, I would call them for that too! Side note: I price shopped and they are comparable in price so we knew we were not only getting a good price, but also supporting a local business!”

Ellie McCarrick Professional Air Duct Cleaning in Lansing, MI. 10/27/2017

“Highly recommend for air duct cleaning. The technician was extremely thorough and professional, and left our ducts and returns in spotless condition.”

Jennifer Howard Professional Air Duct Cleaning in Delhi Charter Township. 10/18/2017

“First time in at least 22 years we had ducts cleaned. House smelled fantastic. Very pleased! Prompt, friendly and professional!”

Chris Hamilton Bryant Local Air Duct Cleaning in Lansing, MI. 10/18/2017

“Just had our air ducts and carpets cleaned!! Very happy with the outcome! I was very well informed during the whole process! Very professional and personable! They also came early which was a bonus! The entire process from scheduling to walk thru was seamless. Will definitely be using them in the future and will recommend to others!”

Kailie Johnson Schroeder– Professional Air Duct Cleaning in Holt, MI. 07/27/2017

“I had the best night of sleep in years after you guys did your magic to our heat runs. It made an unbelievable difference. It’s the first time in years either one of us woke up without being stuffed up. Without hesitation, I would recommend your services.”

LJ Fairchild-Fitzkie- Professional Air duct cleaning in Perry, MI. 03/17/2017

“McCreary’s came out to clean my furnace and air ducts. They were prompt and very efficient. From the first phone call to completion of service, I was very impressed and treated to excellent customer service. I’d highly recommend them to anyone!”

Jennifer Torrez- Air duct cleaning in Lansing, MI. 12/06/2016

“They did a fantastic job on cleaning our ducts! Very professional and trustworthy.”

Jessica Comer- Professional air duct cleaning in Mason, MI. 10/07/2016

Awesome experience with the McCreary team this week. Thank you for your prompt, thorough and excellent service.

Emily Houk– Air duct Cleaning Services in East Lansing, MI 10/4/2016.

“Kurt (and his trainee who I did not catch his name) did a fantastic job cleaning our air ducts and dryer vent today. They arrived promptly, explained the procedure, were extremely courteous, very personable & professional & did a great, thorough job. They pulled a basketball size of lint from our dryer vent – something I’ve been worried about for too long. Now I have peace of mind & a healthy home. We will be using McCreary again when the need arises – thanks so much to this family-owned business! 5 stars”

Jennifer Byrnes Seymour- Professional Air Duct Cleaning in Laingsburg, MI 07/13/2016.

“Kevin McCreary helped us out with a rehab on a poorly maintained foreclosure property, we purchased for our daughter to live in. He took care of years worth of nicotine buildup on walls and cleaned all the duct work. We felt much better knowing Kevin removed all the pet hair, smoke odors, and dust from the air ducts and furnace. The house is now beautiful and smells so clean! We highly recommend McCreary’s Healthy Homes!”

Paula Malkovich Air Duct Cleaning services in Okemos, MI.

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Minimum charge includes:

  • First 10 air ducts (cold air return & heat registers).

  • Supply (heat) main trunk line.

  • Return main trunk line.

  • Furnace Blower.

  • Air conditioner.

  • Heat exchanger.

*Additional furnaces charged separately.

*Additional trunk line zones charged separately.

What is air duct cleaning and when should I get them cleaned?

Professional air duct cleaning service consists of a thorough cleaning of your furnace and HVAC system. Your air ducts are a collection point that accumulates what ever is in the air of your home. The accumulation of dust and debris could begin to wear out your furnace and restrict airflow in your ducts.

1. Have you renovated your home?
2. Do you have pets?
3. Do you have an insect or rodent problems?
4. Does your supply (heat) registers release excessive amounts of dust and debris or animal hair?

If you have pets, children, allergies, insect/rodent problems, or your home is over 7 years old, then you may want to look into having your air ducts cleaned. According to the EPA, carcinogens, dust, yeast colonies, smallpox, viruses and other bacteria may be living in air ducts causing asthma, headaches or influenza.

In conclusion, you will not only breathe in filthy air, but when your system is dirty, your furnace has to work harder. You better believe you’re using more energy, in return you’ll have a higher energy bill!

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professional air duct cleaning

Why choose McCreary’s Healthy Homes Professional air duct cleaning!

There is a lot of “fly by night” companies that offer air duct cleaning for $129-$199 according to their ads, but once all is said and done, the bill is over $600 with all the add-ons and extras. Not to mention, the usage of under powered portable equipment that will not remove the containment’s out of your home. Improper cleaning will actually make things worse!

McCreary’s Healthy Homes can get rid of it!

The ultimate goal, is to restore your air ducts and improve you indoor air quality for you and your family. A Professional air duct cleaning may reduce your heating and cooling expenses. Overall, a healthier atmosphere in your home.

The air ventilation system in your home can be a collection point for a variety of undesirable contaminants. These contaminants may be contributing to allergies because the air continuously circulates through your home. You ever woke in the morning and felt stuffy, or a slight headache? Could you imagine inhaling dust continuously?

McCreary’s Healthy Homes uses the “push-pull” method.

The revolutionary hybrid is a portable air duct cleaning machine. This is the strongest portable air duct cleaning machine in the world, reaching a negative air suction of 3,000 CFM!   

1.) First, we carefully transport our revolution hybrid portable duct vacuum to the location of your furnace(s). Analyzing the air ventilation system and marking access points on your furnace, return main trunk line, and supply (heat) main trunk line. The hybrid is left on during the entire cleaning.

2.) Secondly, using an air compressor, brushes, skipper balls, and whips, we travel to each individual supply (heat) register and cold air returns. Top-to-bottom, we use compressed positive air, forcing all the debris, dust, fungus, and bacteria down to your main trunk line(s) and furnace.

*Furnace and main trunk lines are separately cleaned, to let minimum debris escape and maintain maximum negative air suction strength of our professional air duct cleaning machine. Properly blocking off each side, while cleaning the other guarantees an effective clean. 

3.) Quarter size access points are created on the supply duct pan and return duct pan. These duct pans run off your main trunk lines. These areas are addressed using a “forward skipper ball,” and a “whip.”

*All access points are sealed air tight, with products made specifically for Professional air duct cleaning.  

4.) Lastly, we clean your furnace, which includes: heat exchanger and furnace blower!

After the Clean…

McCreary’s Healthy Homes recommends a regular replacement of your air conditioning filter(s).

In conclusion, call (517) 484-6908 to schedule your professional air duct cleaning.