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\"professionalProfessional Air Duct Cleaning Services Grand Ledge MI.

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Do you like what you see?

It\’s obvious, you\’re disgusted by this picture and so are we. Some will say \”it\’s a waste of money\” having your air ducts cleaned. Those people must not mind breathing in this type of air or dusting constantly. What is a waste of money is having your furnace cleaned and not your entire air ventilation system. Common sense will tell you, your system works together as one unit. Cleaning a part of the unit, only to have it accumulate what\’s in the others. Call (517) 484-6908 for your FREE estimate, from your local Professional air duct cleaning services Grand Ledge MI.

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Thorough clean!

Choosing the right company can ultimately determine whether your air ventilation system receives a horrible or great cleaning. Prices naturally persuade us, but choosing the less expensive price often will leave us disappointed and regretful. Please, do your homework on the company before you schedule an appointment.

Not to mention, companies can be very misleading. For an example: the price you were quoted was $300 over the phone, but once they showed up here comes the inflation. The technician comes back and tells you \”you have 5 more vents than we estimated over the phone and your furnace is not included in the minimum and is an additional cost of $50 dollars.\” The \”to good to be true price\” has risen from $300 to now almost $500.

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Can I expect the same results?

Yes, you can expect the same results as in the before and after picture. McCreary\’s Healthy Homes are consistent and fair, a company with integrity and morals is how our clients describe us. We will not be the cheapest in comparison to Modernistic and Stanley Steemers, because we know what we offer and what it\’s worth. We are not the most expensive like Chem-Dry, but offer the same quality and stand behind our work.

Paradox of time.

There is never enough time and we run out everyday trying to accomplish our agenda. Don\’t waste your time paying to0 much or too little. McCreary\’s Healthy Homes are just right for you! We pride ourselves on our workmanship and handle clients one at a time, not selling a service but establishing a friendship!

Call (517) 484-6908 today and ask about our promotions. McCreary\’s Healthy Homes Professional air duct cleaning services Grand Ledge MI.

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