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\"professionalProfessional Air Duct Cleaning Services DeWitt MI.

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Does it make sense to clean my air ducts?

Absolutely, it makes sense to hire Professional air duct cleaning services DeWitt MI. I\’m positive we are all familiar with dusting, but could you imagine never dusting? Layers upon layers would build up over time on whatever surface was not attended. Not to mention, the dust wouldn\’t stay in one place. The debris of dust and other particles would circulate throughout your home. We can visibly see the dust or debris on a hard surface in eyesight, but inside our air ventilation system it can be hidden and often overlooked. Take a look at the picture, you can visibly see what has accumulated by taking off your return vent, but you still cannot see the build up inside the system.

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I hope you\’re not eating or hungry. This is by far not a pleasant sight, but we are proud to show you exactly what we find inside your air duct system. This is a home that was built in the early 2000\’s. 15 years of pet dander, dust, debris, and other particles. I would say for the last 5 years the air in this home has been very unhealthy. There is no denying, this is what you\’re breathing in inside of your home.

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\"professionalDoes this change your mind?

Numerous people are skeptical about having their air ducts cleaned. We all have heard the rumors that it doesn\’t make much of a difference and it\’s a waste of money. Taking a look at the picture of what we recovered from this specific air duct cleaning would you agree?

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Choosing the right company.

Price always plays a factor when choosing a product or service. I myself have tried to buy the less expensive product and service, but what ends up happening is I had to replace the product or hire another service. Ultimately, costing me more by trying to save a few dollars. I could have saved money the first time and chose a company or a brand that I could trust to get it done right.

Rest assure.

McCreary\’s Healthy Homes is more than just a business. The owners show up to your home to clean with top-of-the line equipment to improve the air quality where you reside. It\’s not about selling a service, but establishing a friendship!

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