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professional air duct cleaning service St Johns MIProfessional air duct cleaning service St Johns MI.

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Not much there?

Typically, unscrewing a cold air return or taking off the heat register vent would give an idea what’s in your air ventilation system. This picture doesn’t show much besides some pet dander. Your system recirculates in-and-out continuously. Have you ever just walked right into pet hair that’s just floating in the air? We can do a great job vacuuming and cleaning, but certain things just don’t go away completely and they comeback immediately. Call (517) 484-6908, McCreary’s Healthy Homes Professional air duct cleaning service St Johns MI.

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When should I have my air duct cleaned?

With no major renovation or any construction, but also considering children and pets a professional air duct cleaning should be performed every 7-10 years. A very important question to ask before purchasing or renting a home is “when is the last time the air ventilation system has been cleaned?” We have cleaned air ducts that have never been cleaned in a 50 year period. If a home was built before 1973 a Professional air duct cleaning should be performed because asbestos.

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professional air duct cleaning service St Johns MI

You never know!

A small evaluation on what we are looking at looks like years of dust and pet dander. We definitely didn’t expect this much to be inside of the system after taking a look at the vents. Our portable air duct cleaning machine is the strongest in the world, thanks to Hyper Vac Technologies. The best thing about this picture is, we are getting ready to load it in our van and take it with us!

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professional air duct cleaning service St Johns MI

There you have it!

You can rest better knowing your indoor air quality has improved. Dogs and cats will continue to shed and the hair will find it’s way back into the system. Cleaning your air ducts and dryer vent are overlooked, but they are just as important as doing dishes or cleaning the bathroom. This type of cleaning doesn’t have to be done as frequent. Indoor air quality?Anything that can be a filter to your home such as: carpet, upholstery, air ducts, clothes, and rugs. The up keeping of filters in your home will improve your indoor air quality.

McCreary’s Healthy Homes is a one call stop because we offer all of these services mentioned about. Call (517) 484-6908 for a FREE estimate on our Professional air duct cleaning service St Johns MI.

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