How Much Does Air Duct Cleaning Cost Bath MI?

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\"HowHow Much does Air Duct Cleaning Cost Bath MI?

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Can you put a price on your health?

Have you ever woke up feeling symptoms of a common cold? These symptoms, may be caused by the airĀ  inside of your home. Not everyone\’s air ducts resemble the picture above, but if it\’s been 7-10 years since they\’ve been cleaned, your indoor air quality is not healthy. Most of us have pets, children, and a significant other, these individuals may have allergies or breathing problems. Even if you and your family don\’t have any medical conditions, your indoor air quality is extremely important to your health. So the big question is \”how much does air duct cleaning cost Bath MI?\”

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Duct cleaning cost!

Pricing all depends on how many air ducts you have in your home. You definitely want to be able to provide a full count of your heat registers and cold air returns when inquiring an estimate. I think we all can agree, when a price changes on us significantly it\’s not a happy feeling. McCreary\’s Healthy Homes are your local indoor air quality experts. We have a flat rate pricing scale, a minimum, additional vents, and additional furnace and trunk lines cost. Our minimum cost includes: 10 air ducts, main trunk line cleaning, and furnace cleaning for $300. Each additional vent is priced per vent at a cost of $20 each. You may exercise the option to sanitize your air ventilation system at an additional cost. We often have available promotions, just be sure to ask what we have going on.

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Not far from amazing!

These results in the two pictures above are common. What\’s not common is finding a company that\’s consistent! It\’s hard to trust people in general, but paying $300+ to have your air ventilation system cleaned, it\’s not easy. When someone cleans your carpet, you can see the results with your own eyes, so you know whether it\’s great, good, or just horrible.

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McCreary\’s Healthy Homes owners are experts and do all of the cleaning themselves. Call (517) 484-6908 for a FREE estimate and ask if we have any promotions going on. I hope I have answered your question \”how much does air duct cleaning cost Bath MI.\”

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