local water damage carpet restoration

Local water damage carpet restoration

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McCreary’s certified restoration experts are highly trained to deal with immediate water removal. We will advise you how to lessen the water damage until we arrive. For more information please visit: https://www.iicrc.org/consumers/care/water-damage/.

McCreary’s Healthy Homes restoration technicians that arrive at your residence are the owners, so have no fear that the job will be done right the 1st time! We are well known for cleaning, but we can also restore your valuables or as we like to call them investments. We practice using safe cleaning agents, but more importantly, safety 1st!

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The Unexpected!

Right when things are starting to get back on track and go smooth BOOM the unexpected happens. It can be overwhelming waking up or walking into your home and excess rain, broken pipe, or any type of flooding has happened. This can put your home and belonging’s in line to be destroyed. As with anything in this world our reaction is critical. Water removal must happen fast when a flood emergency occurs to minimize the damage. Call (517) 484-6908, your local water damage carpet restoration company Lansing, MI.

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The steps to take to lessen the water damage:

  1. If possible, stop where the flood is occurring.

  2. Turn off the electricity and remove electrical supplies from the area.

  3. Try not to walk on the wet carpet.

  4. Try to remove furnishings from the area and put plastic under the legs to prevent any further damages. If the legs are wet and are moved to dry carpet they can leave wood and rust stains.

  5.  DO NOT turn on fans or run the heat and air conditioning unit.

  6. Remove any valuable furnishings.

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Water Removal Process:

The extraction equipment is brought to your home to remove water. The water is extracted from the carpet and padding. (If necessary extracted from upholstery.) We use professional drying equipment to the affected areas. Utilizing proper extraction and drying methods will help minimize the possibility of further damages.

Once your carpet and furnishings are dry you can put everything back where it belongs.

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Call (517) 484-6908, when you need a local water damage carpet restoration company to service you. We have serviced over 12,000 homes.