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My favorite chair!

Do you start the morning in your favorite chair reading the paper, drinking your coffee or soda? How about after a hard days work, it feels good to come home and relax in your recliner. Sometimes we don’t make it to bed because our favorite upholstered furniture has molded our body shape to our likings of not moving. In many cases, some pieces of upholstery have become part of the family. McCreary’s Healthy Homes have cleaned for more than 12,000 homes and you would be amazed as we are that some carpet and furniture is over 20 years old. It’s hard to part with things that we enjoy and like. What if I told you, you could keep your chair forever!

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We do our best to prevent spills and stains everywhere in our home. It’s fairly easy to accidentally bump your cup of coffee or soda and it doesn’t all spill but splatter a little. The truth is is, it happens but how we react can be the difference from a simple clean or the alternative of purchasing another. Along with our guarantee, I can guarantee it will be less expensive to hire a professional upholstery cleaner rather than to replace it yourself. 

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Depending on the use of your upholstered furniture and regardless of spills and stains they should be cleaned annually to keep them in the condition you bought them. Have you ever ran your finger across a shelf in your home after a week has passed? Your furniture is acceptable to the same dust as it is a filter to your home just like carpet. Keep in mind your body carries oils that are transferred to the fabric and overtime will give it a dull look. 

Local upholstery cleaning DeWitt MI


Do you remember?

If you don’t remember how your favorite recliner chair looked before, once we’ve cleaned it with our gentle low pressure hot water extraction method you should start to recall the day you purchased it. There are things that are comparable to having a clean home, like clean furniture. We spend our hard earned money on things we love. 

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McCreary’s Healthy Homes are your premier local upholstery cleaning DeWitt MI. Taking pride in our workmanship and completing the job in one home at a time. Call (517) 484-6908 today for your FREE residential and commercial estimate. 

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