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Tile and grout flooring is durable!

Unlike carpet, tile and grout are intended to last many years. Having this type flooring, you don\’t have to worry about immediate stains. For an example; if I spill a cup of coffee, I can grab a mop, paper towel, or a dish cloth to absorb the liquid. If I spill a cup of coffee on the carpet, I should call a professional carpet cleaning company. Over time, you should call your local tile and grout cleaning Laingsburg MI. McCreary\’s Healthy Homes are your local experts and offer free estimates, call (517) 484-6908 today.

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Tile and grout maintenance

Tile and grout can contain porous. This porous can trap dirt and stains, making the floors look dirty. Cleaning the surface of the tile is fairly easy, you can just mop it. What happens when you mop the tile is, the dirt from the tile seeps into the grout and it will STAIN. Traditional cleaning methods such as vacuuming and mopping are not horrible and should be done between a professional clean. Once a year, a deep cleaning should be scheduled to keep that beautiful look to your home.

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Tile and grout is not cheap!

Close to double the cost of carpet, but tile and grout doesn\’t clean it\’s self. You invested in its durability and its gorgeous appearance. Do you honestly have the time to scrub 300 square foot of grout lines? Only when grout starts to crack, is stained, or starts falling out altogether, that people take notice. If you choose to wait until those things happen to your grout, it\’s really hard to restore to the liking\’s of the day it was installed.

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Repair and clean

Months of food and grease stains will penetrate surfaces, leaving the grout dingy. If you wait too long to hire a professional grout cleaner, the only cure may be to re-grout or re-tile, but usually tile and grout can be restored. McCreary\’s Healthy Homes uses a quality degreaser, scrubs grout lines, and a high pressure water based cleaning. Call (517) 484-6908 for your free estimate from your local tile and grout cleaning Laingsburg MI

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