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Carpet Cleaning & Other Home Care Services in Lansing, MI.

When you want to deep clean your house from top to bottom, call McCreary’s Healthy Homes. Our team members use the most advanced cleaning equipment and technology to ensure your home or office is as clean as it’s ever been. Our truck-mounted air duct cleaning machine provides 5x more airflow than portable duct cleaning units used by many other companies.

With our professional duct cleaning, you can be sure the only thing moving through your vents is air. Additionally, our team of carpet cleaning professionals can remove the peskiest of stains, from pet accidents to red wine. Contact us today for a free estimate!

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What You Can Expect When You Hire McCreary's Healthy Homes

Step 1: Contact Us

Call, text or email today with cleaning questions or schedule your appointment
We answer our phone and always reply during business hours.

Step 2: Get Accurate Quote

You will instantly receive your estimate by email and text following your inquiry from our kind, professional team

Step 3: We Show Up

We show up and show out! Our trained, professional cleaning technicians make sure you are satisfied with the work we have done. Executing the services in an efficient and professional manner. Guaranteed 100% satisfaction.

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Residential and Commercial Cleaning Services

You won’t find a better company for residential and commercial cleaning services in and around Lansing, Michigan. We have years of experience, and our locally-owned and operated company takes the time to work closely with each customer. Whether you’re searching for commercial or residential cleaning services, McCreary’s Healthy Homes is the clear choice for anyone looking for quality work.

Get Sparkling Results with Our Tile and Grout Cleaning

No matter how hard you scrub or what products you use, grout and tile can remain stubbornly stained. There’s nothing like a professional tile and grout cleaning from McCreary’s Healthy Homes to make your floors look like new. Over time, grout darkens significantly unless it’s deep cleaned. Nooks and crevices on tile collect dirt, especially on textured tiles. Using professional cleaning tools and methods is the only way to loosen up long-term gunk and grime.

Our Hard Wood Cleaning Will Maintain Your Flooring

Hardwood flooring is beautiful, but it does require a fair amount of regular maintenance to keep its shine. Let McCreary’s Healthy Homes tackle that task. Our hard floor cleaners are professionals who understand how to clean and care for your hardwood floors. We offer free estimates—contact us to learn more.

Let McCreary’s Healthy Homes Handle the Rug Cleaning

Rugs are magnets for dirt. Unfortunately, it can be challenging to know how to clean them properly. Washing machine or carpet cleaning machine? And is that rug made from wool or synthetic fibers? Let us worry about the details. We know how to thoroughly clean rugs of all sizes and fabrics.

Our Furniture Cleaning Takes Care of Everyday Dirt

Got pets or kids? Then you know how quickly dirt and stains build up on furniture. Our experienced upholstery cleaners have the know-how and the professional equipment to remove all the grimy daily residue from furniture. With McCreary’s Healthy Homes, you don’t have to worry about the dog getting on the sofa anymore.

Auto Detailing Keeps Your Car Spotlessly Clean

No one wants to drive around in a dirty vehicle. Auto detailing from McCreary’s Healthy Home will keep your car looking like it came from the dealer. Our detailing packages range from 30-minute express detailing to deep restoration services.

McCreary’s Healthy Homes Does Quality Work in Lansing, MI

Contact McCreary’s Healthy Homes to schedule a free estimate if you’re looking for professional carpet cleaning in Lansing, MI. Our other services include hardwood floor cleaning and tile and grout cleaning, and our air duct cleaners will leave your vents fresh and free of dirt and dust. Hire McCreary’s Healthy Homes for a pristinely clean home or office!

Frequently Asked Questions

We recommend hiring a professional to clean your air ducts every 5-7 years. This ensures the air quality in your home remains clear of contaminants and debris.

Yes we do!

Our team uses a push/pull system, as well as a negative airflow method that moves air around in whichever way we need.
With the methods we use, you can walk on your carpet right away! However, it takes 12-24 hours for the carpet to fully dry.
While blood and coffee stains can be tricky, we have the equipment and expertise to do it. Give us a call, we’ve got you covered!
Yes, we can remove wine stains so that your carpeting looks normal again.
Yes, we can remove pet smells from your home. We get deep into the fabric of your carpeting and furniture to remove bacteria that causes unpleasant pet odors.
We do not generally remove mold and mildew, but we can eliminate odors caused by mildew.
Yes, we can remove odors caused by smoke so that your home smells normal again.
We do clean rugs! We are experienced at cleaning all types of rugs and have the equipment to handle different sizes and fabrics.

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