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how do i get gum out of the carpet

How to Get Gum Out of the Carpet

In the first place, as a parent, homeowner or renter the the immediate question is “who got gum on my carpet?” Having kids, gum ends up in the oddest places. On the other hand, the gum could’ve been at the bottom of a shoe and tracked in on the carpet. In either case, “How do I get Gum Out of the Carpet?” You could call (517) 484-6908 to have a Professional Carpet Cleaner remove the gum or you can try to remove the gum yourself.

Use Ice Cubes to Freeze the Gum Out of the carpet

how do i get gum out of the carpet

In particular, one of the easiest and oldest way to get gum out of carpet is to freeze the gum. McCreary’s Healthy Homes recommends filling a freezer bad full of ice. Next, apply the bag of ice on the gum for 30 minutes. Once the gum is hard pry the gum up with a dull knife.

For instance, the gum won’t be sticky and spread, but harden like a rock. Furthermore, do this carefully because you don’t want to pull out the carpet fiber. In the case the fibers begin to come up with the gum, you may want to break the gum into chunks and try removing one piece at a time.

Finally, once the majority of the gum has been removed, there might be some sticky gum residue left on the carpet. Use a small amount of liquid soap and gently try to remove. However, don’t scrub the carpet! For fear that, scrubbing could fray the carpet fibers. In the end, blot the area with a clean white towel or wash cloth.

Use a Hair Dryer to Heat Gum out of the Carpet

how do i get gum out of the carpet

First, place a paper sack or a clean cloth over the gum on the carpet. Next, use the hair dryer to heat the gum and soften it. In hope that, the gum loosens up and sticks to the paper sack or cloth.

Nonetheless, be careful not to overheat and melt the carpet fibers. McCreary’s Healthy Homes suggest using a hair dryer rather than an iron to heat the gum. In the event that, you use an iron to try to remove gum it can be more common to cause burns and melt marks.

Lastly, when the gum is soft continue to blot with the paper sack or cloth. In addition, rinse with a small amount of soap to get rid of any residue left.

Try Solvents to Remove Gum from Carpet

how do i get gum out of the carpet

Notably, if you choose not to try to remove the gum by freezing or heat, you can try using solvents to break down the gum on the carpet. As a matter of fact, most department stores will sell some form of a solvent to remove gum.

More importantly, read the instructions and ingredients to make sure it’s safe for your carpet. Afterwards, apply a small amount and work it gently with a brush. Further, work the solvent slowly in the gum and blot or vacuum gum up.

In the end, you want to eliminate the remaining gum residue. Specifically, use WD-40 or muscle pain reliever to help release the residue from carpet. Once finished, apply a small amount of soap and water and continue blotting.

Above all, some solvents may stain carpet and we recommend testing a small area before applying to a larger area.

Hire a Local Professional Carpet Cleaning Service

Especially, hire a local Professional if you feel uncomfortable trying to remove the gum from the carpet yourself. In the case, that you do feel comfortable we’ve provided 3 ways to remove gum from carpet. McCreary’s Healthy homes Inc. are here if you need us, call (517) 484-6908 for a FREE estimate or to schedule a Professional carpet cleaning.