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concrete garage floor cleaning in DeWitt MI

Concrete garage floor cleaning in DeWitt MI

Residential Garage Floor Cleaning

Why do you clean concrete?

Just like grout, concrete is porous. According to Merriam-Webster dictionary, porous is defined as “having small holes that allow air and liquid to pass through.” Concrete can become embedded with oil, grease, dirt and grime because it seeps through the tiny holes where it’s hard to clean. In addition, spots and stains can come from just about anything spilled on the concrete floor. Not to mention, our fur babies, this may be their favorite spot urinate.

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Depending on what type of garage floor, will determine the method chose to clean. No matter the method, you want to remove everything from the garage floor. We would recommend a thorough sweep of surface dirt and debris. For most, this is common sense, if you don’t prepare properly for the clean, you might ruin valuables.

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How do I clean the concrete in my garage?

First,  purchase a concentrated concrete degreaser, deck brush and a high powered nozzle for a garden hose. If you don’t have a degreaser, a quality laundry detergent is a great substitute. Breaking the cleaning into sections is not a bad idea, because you don’t want the area to dry before you get a chance to rinse.

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Second, you can hire a Professional to clean the concrete in your garage. A Professional should have high powered equipment along with products to eliminate stains. In most cases, concrete floors will require some type of acid to be used. Depending on what you use to clean, will determine the results. Call (517) 484-6908, McCreary’s Healthy Homes inc. to schedule your concrete garage floor cleaning in DeWitt MI.

concrete garage floor cleaning in DeWitt MI

Concrete garage floor cleaning in DeWitt MI

Why should I hire a Professional?

Traditional mopping will not do the job! I could only imagine the mess it would create trying to clean concrete with a mop and bucket. All things considered, garages seem to stay cluttered and a mess. It’s a place that you feel comfortable getting dirty. Could you imagine having everything uncluttered, organized and cleaned?

Hiring a Professional will alleviate a long to-do list if you’re unsure how to properly clean your concrete garage floor. Call (517) 484-6908 ,McCreary’s Healthy Homes Inc. for Concrete garage floor cleaning in DeWitt MI. We’ve been in business since 1969, servicing the greater Lansing area. In addition, McCreary’s Healthy Homes Inc. provide carpet, air duct, upholstery, tile, and grout cleaning.