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carpet & furniture fabric protector

Carpet & Furniture Protector

“Quit trying to up-sell me, I just want my carpet and furniture cleaned!”

carpet & furniture protector

In particular, up-selling happens in almost every purchase from small-to-big. In all honesty, it’s annoying for someone to offer something you don’t need. When in fact, because it happens with every purchase made, we’ve programmed ourselves to always say NO! Because we always say no, we could be missing an investment on protecting our purchase like carpet and upholstery.

On the other hand, in the carpet cleaning industry, every carpet cleaning company may tell you that their carpet & furniture protector is the BEST on the market and they paid top dollar for it. For this reason, you have the right to be skeptical on the product they’re trying to up-sell.

I mean, who needs to apply carpet & furniture protector? That is to say, the inevitable of spilling wine, pop or coffee on carpet, a recliner or sofa will never happen. As a result of a spill, it may turn into a permanent stain.

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Don’t let a spill become a permanent stain on furniture or carpet

carpet furniture protector

To illustrate, you have on a rain coat while walking in the rain, why? I mean, the rain being water will not stain your clothes, but you don’t want you or your clothes to get wet.

On the other hand, we don’t think to put a “rain coat” on furniture or carpet. However, furniture and carpet is more expensive than clothes.

carpet furniture protector

With this in mind, protect your investment by applying a fabric protector. McCreary’s Healthy Homes Inc. uses a natural solvent fabric protector. Soil Blocker not only is a non-toxic product, it smells clean.

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*There's no guarantee we can eliminate stains or odor, but we can improve them. Although, we've had great success eliminating stains and odors through our workmanship.

Not another “me too” carpet & furniture protector

carpet & furniture protector

For instance, “National brands” such as Scotchgard and Telflon claim to be the “BEST,” but are “me too” protectors. According to Mike, a customer who left a review for Soil Blocker said, “We also did our own side-by-side test of your product and the two “national” brands. Your product was superior to either of the other two. It had faster drying time and better repellency.”

In addition, most “national” brand products apply up to 5 gallons of water and product per 1000 S.F. Lastly, re-wetting the carpet or upholstery cleaned and increasing drying times.

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We use Soil-Blocker

carpet furniture protector

Notably, Soil Blocker is oil, soil, alcohol and water resistance. Furthermore, a concentrated fluoropolymer water based formula that will hold-up after multiple carpet and upholstery cleanings.

For example, Soil Blocker attaches to the fiber like how velcro works. Not to mention, a high level of repellency that’s not just for liquids, but dry soil and oily spills. Lastly, Soil Blocker decrease the drying time compared to other water based protectors.

Is Soil-Blocker safe?

carpet & furniture protector

Particularly, Soil Blocker has no ingredients that are harmful to humans, animals or the earth. Whereas, the two “national” brands are accumulating issue-after-issue. In all honesty, Soil Blocker is safe enough to be labeled a “Green Product.” Unfortunately, the small company makes it and doesn’t have $25,000 to $50,000 to obtain the certified label. Lastly, Soil Blocker does not contain P.F.O.S (Perfluorooctane Sulfate).

Give me one reason to add carpet & furniture protector

carpet furniture protector

For one thing, applying a quality fabric protector to carpet and furniture will extend the life. In return, you and your family are able to enjoy the furniture or upholstered items you feel comfortable and fell in love with. More importantly, a $100 dollars spent on fabric protection, could save you a $1,000 dollars in the future.

Carpet & furniture protector improves vacuuming

Vacuuming is more effective with fabric Protection. Nonetheless, dirt is easily picked-up, because it stays on the surface of the area protected. In fact, dirt will get embedded in the fabric without protection. Indeed, dirt is an abrasive like sand paper. As a consequence, grinding of dirt in your fabric can cut the fibers.

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