Best carpet cleaning Lansing MI



If you look closely, you will see spots and stains through out the carpet in this picture. This area of the carpet wasn’t the only section that was stained. Speaking to the owner over the phone and in person, he said “just do what you can, I don’t expect a miracle.” He was positive that all the spots and stains would not be eliminated. He did mention that this specific carpet was almost 20 years old. I would consider this a restoration cleaning because of its current condition and how old it is. The only other option he had besides hiring the best carpet cleaning Lansing MI was to replace it.

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Replacing carpet can cost you a pretty penny. This room alone would have cost $300-$1000 depending on the fabric purchased. So do you think it’s worth hiring a professional carpet cleaning service? Taking a chance for a little over a $100 to save you several hundred! Just keep in mind, be careful who you hire and remember you get what you pay for!

Best carpet cleaning Lansing MI


Who said we are not the best?

We definitely had our work cut out for us. This carpet was 20 years old full of spots and stains. McCreary’s Healthy Homes accepted the challenge and gave this carpet a makeover. We use a combination of traditional and technology methods. We’re not afraid of getting on our hands and knees to do the tedious work of pre-treating and post-treating. *Results may vary depending on the source of the stain. 

A few things you can do to prevent permanent stains:

  1. Do not use over the counter products.

  2. Blot the area when it occurs.

  3. Call a professional to properly clean and rinse.

  4. Possibly add fabric protection in high traffic areas.

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  • The longer you let the stain sit weather it was a dog accident, spill, or tracked in from outside the harder it will be to get out. 

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McCreary’s Healthy Homes practices the use of safe cleaning agents that are non-toxic. Our equipment may look a little rough around the edges but I guarantee we have the best. A huge advantage you have with us is we are a family owned and operated. The owners come to your residence not only to say hi but to clean! Being in business over 45 years we have generated family techniques we like to call our secret weapons. McCreary’s Healthy Homes will never be a franchise by choice! Maintaining quality control and taking care of our clients one at a time with a guarantee says exactly who we are.

Call (517) 484-6908 for your FREE estimate today. Do you want the cheapest price to clean your carpet or do you want the best carpet cleaning Lansing MI?