Kevin McCreary

Kevin had been around home cleaning and commercial cleaning his whole life! He became an obsessed student of the industry. It was easy for him to provide great work and he even took it a step further and worked closely with industry manufacturers and advocates throughout his time in the business. Still to this day Kevin really enjoys the sales and relationship building that’s taken place in the business. Kevin also loves to solve problems for his clients that they don’t have the time to solve. Behind the scene he’s still involved with the innovation and development of future equipment and chemistry technologies. McCreary’s has been around so long that we actually service 4th generation clients. It makes Kevin feel great to see families wanting to stick around with our company throughout the generations.

Mccreary's Healthy Homes

What Sets Us Apart

Check out our latest segment on the Morning Blend.  What sets us apart from the other Lansing cleaning companies? On time, easy 1 hour appointment windows. We use plant based cleaning products. We can also eliminate pet and smoke order. Watch the interview to learn more. https://youtu.be/lunxK9V2dfI