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\"AirAir duct cleaning Professionals DeWitt MI.

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Out of sight, out of mind!

If we could only see, what is in our air ventilation system. The picture above, is one of the main trunk lines. You have two main trunk lines, multiple air ducts, and a furnace that contains what\’s in this picture. If you have pets, have you ever noticed hair floating around your home? Have you ever yawned and somehow you have a hair in your mouth? Obviously, there is more than just pet dander in your air ventilation system. Bacteria, germs, dirt, pollen and more can be found in your system. Call (517) 484-6908 for a free estimate. McCreary\’s Healthy Homes are your local air duct cleaning professionals DeWitt MI.

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Did you dust?

What\’s not out of sight, is the accumulation of dust. Have you ever noticed, after a thorough deep clean and dusting, the next day the dust has appeared again? Kinda plays tricks on your mind, \”I just dusted yesterday.\”

I\’ve waken numerous to a dry throat and stuffy nose. I honestly have thought multiple times, I was coming down with a cold. Even people who are not allergic to dust and debris, cough and sneeze because of it. So, I could only imagine the reaction of someone who has allergies.

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\"AirMy shop-vac can clean my air ducts?

Absolutely not, shop-vacs are great, but they serve the purpose they\’re made for. I\’ve done this myself, taken my vacuum and sucked up what I could see and it does help. However, your system is still contaminated and has not been thoroughly cleaned. It can be done by a vacuum or a shop-vac, but you would have to take apart your whole system.

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It\’s all about results!

McCreary\’s Healthy Homes has purchased the most powerful portable air duct cleaning machine in the world, through HyperVac Technologies. The negative air suction pressure is 3,000cfm. Taking a look at the before and after picture should assure you, that you\’re getting the best air duct cleaning DeWitt MI.

McCreary\’s Healthy Homes are a family owned and operated local cleaning company. Since 1969, we have been in more than 12,000 homes. We practice the use of safe eco-friendly cleaning agents. The services we offer: Carpet cleaning, Upholstery Cleaning, Mattress cleaning, Auto cleaning, Water restoration, Rug cleaning, Tile and grout cleaning. Call (517) 484-6908 to schedule your local air duct cleaning professionals DeWitt MI.

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