Air Duct Cleaning Process


Air Duct Cleaning Process


At McCreary’s, we exceed the industry standard cleaning procedures created by the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA). This is the body that governs and sets standards in the duct cleaning industry. Read below about how our air duct cleaning Lansing MI goes into great lengths.

Our cleaning method employs the push/pull method using positive and negative air flow often referred to as air washing. The most important component is the “pull” or “negative” airflow (suction) created by our industry-leading 2020 Hyper-vac, truck-mounted duct cleaning machine. This vacuum is attached to the vacuum truck and directly to the furnace with a very  large hose. This hose is so large that we could vacuum a soccer ball the length of a soccer field through it! It provides 20,000 cubic feet per minute (cfm) of air flow. To put that into perspective, that is 20 times greater airflow than that created by a home vacuum cleaner, 15 times more than a shop vac,10 times more than truck mounted carpet cleaning equipment, and 5 times more than a portable duct cleaning unit. The second most important component is the “push” or “positive” airflow created by our commercial grade gasoline-powered air compressor. Our compressor provides a continuous 99 cfm of air flow combined with 175 pounds per square inches of air pressure (force), never lagging or having to recover. 

The cleaning process for air duct cleaning Lansing MI begins at the furthest point from the furnace cleaning all supply and return ductwork, trunk lines, and the interior components to the furnace. We send air driven agitation attachments such as brushes, whips, and air nozzles that force the dust, debris and other allergens through the duct work, towards the furnace, and back to our awaiting vacuum truck. This also eliminates the possibility of stale exhaust air and other contaminants being recirculated back into your home. In fact this process creates more static pressure and air flow than any other electric portable duct cleaning machine can possibly produce and is superior to carpet cleaning trucks or rotary brush vacuum systems.  These processes are actually doing the homeowner a disservice by disturbing the contaminants in the system and not fully removing them. This large external vacuum system is the key component to doing a superior cleaning job especially in larger or older homes. Lastly, McCreary’s offers a botanical antimicrobial that can be applied to the entire system after it has been cleaned. We have over 50 years of experience in this industry, over 150 years of combined experience, and we guarantee what we do. 

Always compare apples to apples with air duct cleaning Lansing MI! Let McCreary’s make your home healthy!


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