carpet cleaning services grand ledge mi


Trust is something that is earned!

In life sometimes you have one time to prove yourself. For an example: A date night with your significant other and you two are dining in at a new restaurant. If the customer service is great and the food is good, more than likely you will be back. You will trust the first impression that was given and in return your loyal. It’s hard to maintain consistency, especially is the service business. McCreary’s Healthy Homes is a company you can trust carpet cleaning Grand Ledge MI. There are two major benefits you have with us:

  1. We choose not to grow rapidly to maintain quality control!

  2. The owners do all of the cleaning!

*Our intentions are not to put down the competition but encourage the surrounding communities to support local family owned businesses.

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Are you familiar with Applebee’s? Are you familiar with MEAT Southern BBQ? There are a few differences between the two, like Applebee’s is a franchise and MEAT is locally owned and the owner does multiple jobs within the restaurant. MEAT Southern BQQ does not have the variation of meals but when you order a dinner plate at MEAT it’s more than enough food, as when you order a dinner plate at Applebee’s it’s barely enough food. There is no doubt a difference in the quality of food between the two restaurants and no comparison who that favors. Finally, the price which seems to be the major concern to everyone in this day in age. There’s been a few occasions I should have spent a few more dollars to get the better product or service and not regret my decision.

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carpet cleaning services grand ledge mi


You don’t have to hire or buy the most expensive service or product to get satisfaction. I truly do believe you get what you pay for! There are products and services that cost more but you trust and might catch a great deal from time-to-time.

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McCreary’s Healthy Homes is a high end professional company. Just because you have more clients or are a larger company does not make you the best. What makes you the best is when people trust you! Would you pay a few more dollars to know that the job is going to get done right? We are not perfect but strive for perfection and when mishaps or mistakes arise we stand tall on our word and come back free of charge.

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We don’t just sell a service. We establish a friendship!