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Professional Carpet Cleaning


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Professional carpet cleaning preserves the life of carpet and improves the indoor air quality.

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Each fiber has their strength and weaknesses. These differences, determine the approach taken to clean. We highly recommend a short conducted research on the carpet you purchase. Some fibers have low resiliency and others have a tendency to absorb oily soils. No matter what fiber you choose, all fabrics take an immense amount of foot traffic, accidental spills, and other abuse.

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“No yellow trucks here. McCrearys did what I thought was impossible. My carpet came back to life and looks great! Aaron sold me with his knowledge and detailed information. Excellent job done by genuine, knowledgeable caring people with the latest equipment and technology available. I definitely support your local family business.”

Kevin Lesperance- Professional Carpet cleaning in Lansing, MI. 06/11/2017

“I had red paint paw prints across my light cream carpet. I had never used this company before. They came out the day of service call and were able to get the paint out. I was amazed! They cleaned the whole room after and it looks great!!! I would highly recommend this company. Thank you Kevin for the effort you put into getting the paint out!”

Kim Lynch Stornant- Professional Carpet cleaning in Williamston, MI. 06/02/2017

“I had my carpet cleaned for the 1st time today. I have to say I’m rather impressed they look new!!! Very professional & friendly. I’d recommend the service and use again and again. Thank you guys!!!”

Mari Jean Wyman- Professional carpet cleaning in Eaton Rapids, MI. 03/03/2017

“Kevin is always professional and thorough and our carpet looks brand new again! We have two big dogs but they took care of the mess! I won’t hesitate to use them again!”

Jodi Hancock- Carpet cleaning in Holt, MI. 11/18/2016

You won’t be disappointed once you try McCreary’s Healthy Homes. They did an amazing job on my cleaning my carpet!! I would recommend them to anyone. Very personable to work with!!”

Suzanne Davis- Professional carpet cleaning in Laingsburg, MI. 11/02/2016

“Incredibly impressed with the quick, detailed job! It took less than an hour to clean all of our main floor carpets. We were looking at replacing our stained, trodden, lifeless carpet. But, after your service the carpet looks new! My husband and I can’t stop commenting on how soft and plush it feels. Thank you!”

Missy Cooke- Local Carpet cleaning in Williamston, MI 09/23/2016.

“First time, I have used McCreary’s and it definitely won’t be the last. Many referrals to this great company to be given by me. Prompt, courteous, professional and personal. They did a fantastic job with my carpets that were long over due to be cleaned. Even their office personnel, Aaron, was top notch! Very, very pleased customer!”

Dena Moffitt- Professional Carpet Cleaning in Eagle, MI 08/29/2016.

“McCreary’s, has been cleaning our carpet for about 15 years. They are very reputable and professional. Kevin McCreary is very personable and I have complete trust in him and his staff. They have prolonged the life of our carpet and allowed it to endure children and pets! I highly recommend McCreary’s.”

Tara Fry- Professional Carpet cleaning Services in Lansing, MI. 06/06/2016

Once again, did an amazing job getting all of the stains out! We will never go anywhere else. Professional, on time, efficient, and affordable!

MJ Brunner- Professional Carpet cleaning Services in East Lansing, MI. 03/24/2016

“First time our carpet was cleaned by Kevin my wife said, “did they clean our carpet or replace it?” We never looked back. Couldn’t be happier with their continued service and quality. I don’t hesitate to refer McCreary’s Healthy Homes to all of my valued clients, friends and family.”

Robert Dowding- Professional Carpet Cleaning in Holt, MI.

“I have had McCreary’s do my carpet cleaning for years, usually several times a year. I am never disappointed.”

Sally B. Pratt- Local Carpet cleaning company in East Lansing, MI.

“I’ve been calling Kevin McCreary to clean our carpets for well over 10 years now and I would highly recommend him and his company to anyone. Once, I tried someone else (on a friend’s recommendation) and was very sorry I did. They have always done excellent work at a fair price with respect and integrity.”

Sue Chapa- Local Carpet cleaning services in Laingsburg, MI.

“Carpet and furniture look great. As always I appreciate the promptness and knowing that Kevin and his crew are the best. Thanks.”

Mason Beverly- Professional Carpet and upholstery cleaning in Bath, MI.

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Included with Professional Carpet Cleaning:

| Light furniture moving
 | Truck-mounted hot water extraction cleaning |

Our 30 day guarantee, is like a 30 day warranty on the areas we cleaned. Please give us a call back if any spots that we cleaned and treated reappear. We have great success eliminating stains and spots, but nothing is ever promised. Our owners/technicians will evaluate all areas and will give their honest expectation and what you can expect!

*Red and orange stains will NOT come out just by carpet cleaning. There is a process/method we can perform, but it will be at an additional cost.

*Depending on how long the spill, spot, or animal accident will ultimately determine the success rate.



professional carpet cleaning professional carpet cleaning

Your Carpets act as a filter for your home!


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▪ Some virus’s and bacteria can live in your carpet for more than a 30 days.

▪ The majority of carpets is 4,000 times dirtier than a public bathroom.

▪ Dirt is an abrasive just like sandpaper.

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Magic Wand!

McCreary’s Healthy Homes wand is roughly 13.5 inches in length. This particular wand has a 3 jet dual manifold spray bar with a total of 6 jets providing overlapping. This wand can clean carpet and rugs.

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Hot Water Extraction!

McCreary’s Healthy Homes uses a truck mounted carpet cleaning system that heats the water to 220 degrees. Washing and rinsing your carpet with hot water can be compared to a person who showers and then rinses off the dirt and soap.

Hot water extraction is the most effective professional carpet cleaning method. Carpet manufacturers require them to be cleaned using this method in order to uphold a warranty. This method will guarantee to get the job done right the first time! Please do not waste your valuable time and hard earned money renting or buying carpet cleaning machines. They will leave a residue that dirt sticks to like glue.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Process:

1) Pre-spray our safe heated cleaning agents into the carpet to break up the dirt, bacteria, and stains.

2) Agitate by raking the area.

3) Using the wand or RX giving the carpet a deep clean. Simultaneously, rinsing and extracting the dirt, bacteria, stains, allergens, pollutants, and dust mites.

4) Dry paths are created using the wand or RX. Extracting almost 90% of the water, allowing carpet faster drying times to prevent mold or mildew.

5) A final rake is given.

*Fabric protection and sanitize/Deodorizer are additional cost.

professional carpet cleaning

After the cleaning….

• For the best results, keep children and pets off clean areas until completely dry.

• Drying times vary due to specific factors, including: humidity, density, fabric, and ventilation will help with drying time.

• Try to prevent traffic for 24 hours.

• If the carpet technician puts pads or blocks under your furniture do not remove them until completely dry.

Accidents Happen!

It’s normal behavior to try to remove the stain yourself. Studies have shown, when we try to remove the stain/spill our self only 50-75% of the stain comes out. The longer a stain or spill sits the carpet, higher the probability determining the outcome.

 When you call, tell us:

  1. The type of stain.

  2. When the stain occurred.

  3. What products you have tried to use.

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