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Hi, my name is Kevin McCreary. Welcome to my life!

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Who we are!

  • We are a family owned company that believes in old fashioned service.

  • Using the most cutting edge cleaning technology. 

  • Local pioneers in “green cleaning.”

  • Don’t sell a service, but establish a friendship with hopes that will last a lifetime with our clients!

 Who started this?

Karen and Dick McCreary are my parents. They are responsible for starting McCreary’s Healthy Homes. My parents set a great example and provided love and security in my life.

I’m a father of two beautiful children that I must set an example as my parents did for me. My dad was my hero growing up and that is how I want my children to look at me. Everything I do is for my family!

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I would like to thank the two individuals that I work with and share the same dream that I do. Kurt and Aaron are trustworthy and have earned their value to McCreary’s Healthy Homes. Kurt has amazing leadership skills! Aaron is outstanding at communicating. These gentlemen have shown me love, honor, and loyalty.


contact McCreary's professional cleaning

Hi, my name is Kurt. I have two amazing children and a beautiful wife.

contact McCreary's professional cleaning

Hi my name is Aaron and my family means the world to me!


Are you ready for the best clean you ever had?

We are very passionate about cleaning. We hold strong morals and values. Appreciating life has made it so much more enjoyable!